Yet Another Massive Fail by Jim Hoft, Stupidest Man on the Internet

SMOTI rides again
346Charmingly Persistent
5/09/16 7:07:20 am
re: #283 thedopefishlives And then he will stiff all his contractors.

Paranoid right wing moron and fabled Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft does yet another massive face plant today, folks. He seized on a tweet by the co-founder of the far right neo-fascist English Defence League to claim that London’s new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan fooled voters before …

Dear Robert Spencer: Yes, I’m Being Paid

A confession
6/05/13 10:09:43 am
Spencer is the last person who should be chastising others about their business practices after the Nashville Tennessean exposed his scam nonprofit which he uses to fleece the rubes

Geller-Spencer Allies “English Defence League” Riot in Britain

Far right seizes opportunity to attack British Muslims
5/27/13 10:17:21 pm
A very belated comment as I actually try to avoid reading Pam's crazy rants. But I donned my waders and wandered into the cesspool today to take a read of her rants and came across this statement that must have ...

Pamela Geller Defends British Fascist Imprisoned for Entering the US Illegally

Pleaded guilty to using someone else’s passport
1/09/13 9:22:17 pm
Proof positive that the "anti illegal immigrant" fury is more about racism than the law. Me, I don't like illegal immigration. Period. Which means that, me, I want this guy in jail (for the crimes he committed) & then deported, ...

Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer Now Featured Writer at PJ Media: The Backstory

They’ve grown accustomed to his hate
6/12/12 5:38:45 pm
re: #59 Talking Point Detective re: #194 Romantic Heretic I really don't have a problem with people owning guns as per the 2nd Amendment. I know there's a lot of gun owners here, but I'm sorry; the people in these ...

Pamela Geller-Robert Spencer Allies Arrested in London for Planning Attacks

Fascist group plots violence against peaceful protest
11/14/11 1:40:55 am
Pigs is a term with defensible history but long since in use by casual criminals and misguided youth in the UK. It is a slander linked to gang-mentality and protesters shouldn't try to reclaim the term. Well done the police ...

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Publish Enemies List at Andrew Breitbart’s Website

Geller and Spencer list their ‘threats to freedom’
8/17/11 9:28:12 am
re: #248 lostlakehiker That's not the impression I got. Who does that speak to? Who does it leave out? And that goes double for this quote:

Pamela Geller’s EDL Ally Called for Execution of Political and Religious Leaders

English Defence League leader discussed killing David Cameron
8/02/11 11:28:17 pm
re: #2 Obdicut I'm also intrigued that he seems to feel that HE and his friends can control who the radical Muslims kill. Wouldn't it be absolutely infuriating for them if the radical Muslims refused to kill these guys for ...

Pamela Geller’s Anti-Muslim Circus in Full Nuclear Meltdown

Vicious infighting among the Bigot Brigade
225(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
7/02/11 1:15:05 pm
re: #223 SanFranciscoZionist In a sense, it's like letting people decide their own race/ethnicity. Shit just gets too weird when you want to objectivize heavily constructed concepts like these.

British Branch of the ‘Anti-Jihad’ Movement in Full Meltdown

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are oddly silent
6/30/11 9:37:43 am
re: #228 000G Nobody has hijacked LGF from what I can tell so even with her claim that the EDL has been hijacked, "doing a CJ" doesn't apply. The only people doing a CJ - ie breaking ties with extremists ...

Hateblogger Pamela Geller Testifying for Alaskan ‘Anti-Sharia’ Idiocy

Deranged bigot invited to testify before Alaskan House
3/30/11 10:25:54 pm
re: #34 SanFranciscoZionist I think they're just incredibly stupid and nasty racists, this nationalism paranoid stuff always boils down to race, not country

Pamela Geller’s Fans, Part 3: Youth for Western Civilization

9/14/10 12:37:07 am
re: #233 eclectic infidel Those aren't the kind of friends you need. re: #71 Lidane can't be in any way artistic or valid. It was written by one of them Joos! And a woomun at that! re: #92 brookly ...