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Breaking: President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Bill - Update: Right Wing Freakout Well Under Way

Keeping a promise
2/24/15 3:43:25 pm
re: #45 Backwoods_Sleuth Remember when Republicans repped themselves as Big Many Men? Boehner's one weepy sumbitch.

Carrying through on his promise, the President has vetoed the Keystone XL bill. The right wing will now go nuts, as usual. UPDATE at 2/24/15 1:15:45 pm by Charles Johnson

In Which a Right Wing Website Mocks Obama for Acting to Protect a Vital Ecological System

Who needs bees anyway?
364Eventual Carrion
6/24/14 11:36:37 am
re: #327 Pie-onist Overlord Wonder what similarities? Didn't win the election but was appointed to the position? Started war(s) with countries that had not attacked him? She should list the similarities.
Double Arch

The House GOP Looks To Gut Antiquities Act

Undermining purpose and protections of national parks
105Birth Control Works
3/27/14 4:34:37 pm
Got to go into the City today for a Book Talk. Jenny Bowen talked about her book Wish You Happy Forever: What China's orphans taught me about moving mountains. She also talked about the NGO she started called Half The ...

The Climate Change Deniers in Congress

The GOP’s unending war on science
6/02/13 11:43:06 am
re: #214 Patricia Kayden The university I attended (in the 1960s) was part of the Southern Baptist Convention. A year or so before, during a Southern Baptist mission to Africa, one of the missionary graduates converted an African gentleman to ...

The Conversion of a Climate Change Skeptic

Overwhelming evidence that man is behind climate change
7/31/12 8:46:02 am
The climate change denial mindset is an outcome of a larger phenomenon that has become a fundamental component of conservative ideology lately -- anti-intellectualism. Fundamentally, climate change deniers refuse to accept the conclusions of the vast amounts of data gathered ...

Climate Scientists Smack WSJ Over Op-Ed From Non-Climate Scientists

Taking the ‘No need to panic about global warming’ op-ed to task
145Interesting Times
2/02/12 11:17:55 am
I'm surprised this page hasn't yet been derped by dead-thread deniers. So, let me take this opportunity to preempt what I predict will be their next tired talking point: Durr hurr! Europe cold! What gorebull warming?!?!1 Oh wait: The above ...

Washington Post: Obama to Reject Keystone Oil Pipeline

An environmental disaster that won’t happen
169Interesting Times
1/19/12 12:47:44 pm
re: #167 BigPapa Alex Jones talking points is even more appropriate. I wonder if tshinkle is a 9/11 truther as well? :P Perhaps he also participated in this lovely activity: And, like classic willfully ignorant bullies incapable of taking responsibility ...

The Republican Party’s War Against the Environment

Next in the target sights: the EPA
49Achilles Tang
8/18/11 12:34:06 pm
re: #8 Shiplord Kirel I can remember the 50's too, and for me it was like your TB was reminiscing, however I was not in a large city or urban area and the big difference then was that there were ...

Video: I’m a Climate Scientist

Gettin’ down in a lab coat
5/11/11 4:58:11 pm
re: #66 SanFranciscoZionist no it isn't...someday the 1st is gonna take a big hit...probably get tired of hearing that?...I just don't think there is a lot to be done about it...I mind my own business, I'm no crusader....the weight of ...