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GOP Debate Thread 3: Total Espistemic Closure Achieved

619The Major
1/15/16 12:12:25 pm
re: #611 Nojay UK And Steven Tyler does a solo vocal for the movie.

Here’s another thread to live-blog this debacle, in which right wing Republican candidates are fed softball right wing talking points by right wing cable network Fox News, and they respond with right wing talking points to please their right wing audience. Epistemic closure, anyone?

Rachel Maddow on President Obama’s Extraordinary Appeal to Israelis and Palestinians

Stepping outside the box
3/22/13 6:28:22 pm
While there's nothing wrong with what the President said, I contend that it's wrong to say that he's attemping something unusual trying to get Israelis to empathize with Palestinians. I've seen such attempts before. I remember a journal called "Bitter ...

Sarah Palin: The Government Is Stockpiling Ammo to Use Against US Citizens

Caribou Barbie’s latest wingnut fever dream
3/02/13 10:57:35 am
re: #294 Eclectic Cyborg I would just point out the Tea Baggers in the GOP triggered this with fighting the debt ceiling, and then refused to consider any revenue/tax increases. The ratio the Dems offered was anywhere between 4:1 and ...

Wingnut Blogs Raving About Non-Existent ‘Obamaphones’ Again

Deliberate dishonesty
177Local Media Monitor
2/12/13 12:29:47 pm
Former San Diego mayor and current right wing hate-talk idiot Roger Hedgecock likes mentioning "Obamaphones" every chance he gets. For a review of Hedgecock and the campaign against him, see

GOP Leaders Insist: Everything’s Fine, We Just Need to “Shine Our Shoes”

No problemo
1/29/13 7:43:42 pm
They’re all fucking tone deaf. It’s like the joke about the farmer bragging to his neighbor about how smart his new mule was. So the neighbor says, “show me what he can do.” To which the farmer nods, walks over ...

NRA Cites to Falsely Claim School Attended by Obama’s Daughters Has ‘11 Armed Guards’

How right wing lies spread through the echo chamber
331Charles Johnson
1/20/13 10:46:06 am
re: #330 palomino Nothing. This is Killgore doing his false equivalence thing again. I don't agree with everything Blumenthal writes, but comparing him to Pamela Geller is stupid.