Fox’s Eric Bolling Dumps Michelle Fields From His Weekend Hatefest

When right wingers turn on each other
3/17/16 7:33:32 pm
re: #159 ObserverArt Might as well include the great instrumental stuff that Dave Gregory added while he was in the band. He was kind of the whipped cream and cherry on the top of their songs.

More fallout from the incident in which Donald Trump’s campaign manager allegedly assaulted Breitbart “News” reporter Michelle Fields; Fields has now been unceremoniously dumped by Fox News host Eric Bolling, after appearing weekly on his show “Cashin’ In” for years. Related: Video: Donald Trump Says Breitbart Reporter “Made Up” …

Glenn Greenwald’s Interview With Fox’s Resident Racist, Eric Bolling

Greenwald helps Fox News attack President Obama
7/02/13 2:24:20 pm
re: #206 Lidane Women like me didn't work so hard so long ago to see a well-paid RW sell out like her try to undo all our work. And we're going to rise again--TX is just the beginning. The RW ...

Breitbart Editor John Nolte Picks a Fight With the Muppets

Incredible density
1/30/12 5:56:05 pm
John Nolte looks like Chris Elliott's character from "There's Something About Mary," which means Mr. Nolte will soon take to Breitbart's pages to complain about the "whiteheads" on his own (bulging) eyeballs.

Fox Host Eric Bolling: Obama Invites ‘Hoods’ to the ‘Hizzouse’

The ugliest Fox race-baiting episode yet
6/12/11 9:48:43 am
re: #516 Lidane He's not going to pick T-Paw. I think how a GOP candidate is treated by FOX is a good indication of where things are headed. T-Paw may be toast.