David Brat: Hitler’s Rise ‘Could All Happen Again’

A very strange man
6/11/14 5:48:31 pm
re: #254 FemNaziBitch He wants to "run America like a business," I bet.

The Wall Street Journal has some excerpts from a bizarre pseudo-libertarian essay written by Tea Party heartthrob Dave Brat, warning that Hitler’s Rise ‘Could All Happen Again’. Raise your hand if you’re shocked that a Tea Party religious fundamentalist employs confused Nazi Germany comparisons to market victimhood. But also notice …

Eric Cantor Defeated in VA GOP Primary by Tea Party Calvinist

Fanatics rejoice
322Blind Frog Belly White
6/10/14 7:42:44 pm
re: #310 Dark_Falcon It hardly matters whether he doesn't really believe the horrible shit he has to do to keep his seat, does it? I mean, he's unwilling to stand up for anything he believes in, so what's the difference? ...

GOP Hostage Takers Release New Message

“This can all end” if you give us what we want
10/05/13 10:12:12 pm
I do not care if I have to tolerate my father's moping after being furloughed for months if it means that the GOP gets hammered in the next election. Let the GOP f*ckers burn. No slack for the GOP. No ...

Eric Cantor Calls on Weiner to Resign, But Gave Sanford and Ensign a Pass

Just some more GOP hypocrisy
6/07/11 1:54:48 pm
What an idiot. So South Carolina and Nevada should decide if Sanford or Ensign should resign but Eric Cantor gets to decide if Anthony Weiner should resign? Self-righteous hypocrite. How does this guy put on clothes everyday with the knots ...

Eric Cantor to Netanyahu: The GOP Majority Will Be a ‘Check on the Obama Administration’

11/14/10 6:40:43 pm
re: #365 Mich-again You are taking the statement at face value. The whole point of charles's post is what the implied meaning is, which is that the republican party will gleefully oppose obama on behalf of a foreign entity. If ...