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Ted Cruz Is Suddenly in Favor of Separation of Church and State?

I detect a distinct piscine odor
186Jebediah, RBG
9/21/15 9:16:12 am
re: #176 teleskiguy Well, I've listened to this song a million times, and it doesn't seem to say anywhere that it is New Madrid's fault.

OK. It makes me really uneasy when Ted Cruz says something that isn’t crazy. What kind of diabolical game is he playing? Cruz: Excluding Muslims From Presidency Is Unconstitutional. So he’s all right with a Muslim being president, huh? Don’t worry, though; he hasn’t given up on anti-Muslim bigotry …

Louisiana Republicans Getting Set to Make the Bible the Official State Book

Establishment Clause ring a bell?
4/18/14 8:06:40 am
Politicians who take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and then promote legislation that is clearly Unconstitutional are violating their oath of office and should be removed from office.

GOP Rebranding Watch: NC Republicans Sponsor Bill to Declare Christianity the State Religion

4/04/13 8:39:54 pm
The GOP does realize that it was founded by a fairly progressive tall bearded guy by the name of Abraham Lincoln, no? This country needs job growth and better economic policy and all these morons at the state and federal ...

Mitt #Romney Pushes “They’re Taking God Off Our Money” Conspiracy Theory in Virginia

9/09/12 5:07:58 pm
Sorry it's a disgrace that US money has any reference to god. Besides the fact that it's stupid to think there is a god it's not appropriate for a secular society like the US. As usual, the Dems have not ...

Romney Blasts Secularism, Endorses Mixing Church and State

Wearing God on his sleeve
12/18/11 8:18:06 pm
Charles Johnson, Personally I don't like Obama, but its beginning to look more and more like I can't really throw my full support behind any of the Republican Nominees either. I'm a major supporter of the separation of church and ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): Not Teaching Creationism Is ‘Censorship’

Bachmann joins the anti-science chorus
12/01/11 12:11:21 pm
Maybe I'm a little thick, but I thought the purpose of teaching science to children was to familiarize them with the scientific method, and the development of scientific thought, so they could perform experiments, understand how geology, medicine, chemistry, physics, ...

Santorum Calls For Public Schools To Teach Creationism

The Republican Party’s endless war on reality
295Birth Control Works
11/30/11 8:41:30 pm
re: #294 ProLifeLiberal Well, who knows how he's been punished privately, or inwardly. A public spectacle may never happen, but we don't know that he hasn't also suffered in some way as a result.

Kentucky Moves Ahead with Tax Breaks for Creationists

12/24/10 2:14:43 pm
Several years ago there was a discussion amongst a number of academics on the subject of evolution and the relevance of the recently completed genome project. Then suddenly on a video screen appeared a chap with an Australian accent spouting ...

Kentucky Gov. Beshear Wants State Money for Creationist Theme Park

283Big Beautiful Door
12/02/10 6:41:20 pm
re: #282 Charles I exaggerated slightly. Beshear is the same governor who ran for office on the issue of legalizing casino gambling at race tracks, which many fundies consider the equivalent of a satanic theme park. As far as milking ...

Glenn Beck Exposes Truther ‘Tea Party’ Candidate, Hypes Theocratic Fanatic

2/11/10 5:23:49 pm
re: #683 Aceofwhat? There's a lot of problems with the whole "Catch a Predator" setup, as well as that group they work with-- perverted justice or whatever they call themselves. A name which is appropriate in ways which they doubtless ...

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a War on Christmas

12/13/09 1:10:34 pm
Sorry I am late here, but this is one segment that has really bothered me about O'Reilly. I happen to believe that private businesses can do what they please, but government should be a religion free zone (including "secular" xmas ...

Huckabee Forgets the First Amendment of the US Constitution

2/14/09 5:42:09 am
I disagree with the subject of this thread. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” does not mean “Congress shall make a law censoring or preventing the practice of religion” This applies to everybody – Christians, Jews, ...