In Disturbing Echo of US Presidential Campaign, French Candidate Macron’s Campaign Has Been Hacked

471Semper Fi
5/06/17 1:38:24 pm
re: #403 jaunte And how surprised he must have been to be shouted down...wingnuts are self-deluded.

Well, it worked so well to get far right authoritarian Donald Trump into the White House, so what the heck? Why not try it in France, too? Macron team blasts ‘massive hacking attack’ on eve of vote. It’s clearly no coincidence that these hacks are intended to help the openly …

Newsweek Reports on the Growing Alliance Between Netanyahu’s Likud Party and Europe’s Anti-Semitic Far Right

The disturbing acceptance of European hate groups in Israeli politics
4/18/15 3:52:33 pm
re: #156 allegro I don't know. She didn't go through, but bought outside with a company called "Coventry One". It actually pays quite a bit with a low co-pay (except for the nebulizer she is supposed to use, which ...

Geller-Spencer Allies “English Defence League” Riot in Britain

Far right seizes opportunity to attack British Muslims
5/27/13 10:17:21 pm
A very belated comment as I actually try to avoid reading Pam's crazy rants. But I donned my waders and wandered into the cesspool today to take a read of her rants and came across this statement that must have ...

Pamela Geller Defends British Fascist Imprisoned for Entering the US Illegally

Pleaded guilty to using someone else’s passport
1/09/13 9:22:17 pm
Proof positive that the "anti illegal immigrant" fury is more about racism than the law. Me, I don't like illegal immigration. Period. Which means that, me, I want this guy in jail (for the crimes he committed) & then deported, ...

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Announce New Anti-Muslim Front Group

Geller calls herself an “internationally renowned human rights activist”
1/19/12 9:24:09 am
re: #312 talon_262 Sorry to disappoint you. There is no show here. Merely one misused word, which I think was contradicted in the same post anyways. Hope you didn't butter it. You can always keep it for later unless you ...

The ‘Stalinist’ Who Came In From The Cold

Anti-Muslim blogger Fjordman continues peddling fascism
11/21/11 4:23:51 pm
re: #6 Charles You'll hurt their feelings, again. I saw them talking about how few people who came through the link to their web site (my link was made through Web Citation, but hey); it must be rather annoying for ...

White Supremacists Heart Pamela Geller

8/29/10 2:25:42 pm
re: #126 Lidane Convince a large portion of the electorate while simultaneously working to achieve the conditions you're decrying. Not a bad strategy, especially if you can intimidate the opposition (which hasn't happened here--yet). If there is still a non-TP, ...

Xenophobic Swedish Party’s Video: An Army of Burqas

8/28/10 5:08:28 pm
re: #395 What you said is basically that you were able to see with your own eyes that it wasn't Bush's fault. Without presenting any of what it was that you literally saw or how. re: #397 Oh, ...

NPR: European Islamophobia Finds a Home in the US

8/24/10 11:14:42 am
re: #1035 CuriousLurker No, it's not your imagination. It's very very distressing. I can't talk rationally to a lot of people about this. It's just impossible. I mean, I feel like I'm rational; but they are panicked; and I bet ...