IndyStar Confirms: Gov. Mike Pence Is Trump’s VP Pick

A hardline anti-science social conservative
545The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
7/14/16 6:35:03 pm
re: #544 gocart mozart Which is nice.

The Indianapolis Star reports they have confirmed that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s VP pick. Pence is well known as a very hardline social conservative, and built his base among the neocon crowd by being a strong supporter of the invasion of Iraq. Donald Trump has been …

Ben Carson: Charles Darwin Came Up With the Theory of Evolution Because He Was Influenced by Satan

The anti-science neurosurgeon speaks
9/23/15 5:06:05 am
re: #68 freetoken re: #68 freetoken The citizens there probably view the lawsuit expense as a cost of doing business in keeping their town as white as possible, the same importance of city services like sewage processing, street cleanup, and ...

Tony Perkins (Who Doesn’t Believe in Evolution) Says Evolution Proves Homosexuality Is Wrong

Illogical fanatic is fanatical and illogical
134Decatur Deb
4/24/15 2:22:36 pm
re: #124 Ace-o-aces Our family has a bad history with it. When the kid was 4, he went with his mother, I stayed on the dock with older siblings. Two minutes in, the script was "Now we are leaving civilization, ...

Hugh Hewitt: Republicans Will Face No Evolution Questions From Me

The latest GOP anti-science misdirection: “who cares?”
3/02/15 9:23:10 am
Example questions from Hewitt: Obama is a) The Devil b) The antichrist c) Muslim d) Atheist e) All of the above Obama is a) A ruthless thug that steam rolls his opponents b) A spineless non-leader that capitulates to his ...

Pope Francis Takes a Stand for Evolution

US conservatives are now to the right of the Pope
10/30/14 7:32:33 am
having grown up within Texas and a deeply "Conservative" family and church, I can tell you that Popes in general and the Catholic Church in particular might as well be Muslim or space aliens for all they care- the only ...

Onion Exclusive: Biologists Confirm God Evolved From Chimpanzee Deity

4/11/14 12:00:54 am
re: #58 Targetpractice I disagree with you entirely. We've used the nuclear option for nominations, so the R's can't filibuster. OTOH, there's a disturbingly good chance that 'wait 'til after the election' gives us 'oh, wait, now you can't go ...

A Great Video From Bill Moyers on GOP Politicians Who Deny Climate Change and Evolution

Featuring Georgia’s Paul “Evolution is a Lie from the Pit of Hell” Broun
3/30/14 9:46:41 am
re: #29 Skip Intro And yet we're being assailed from all sides! Our traditional values have been eroded! It's all going to be taken away from us...! THANKS OBAMA! That's got to be some stressful doublethink. Unless they really do ...