Did the Justice Department Really “Bad-Mouth” Glenn Greenwald to Muslim Leaders? Uh, Nope.

More Greenwald distortions exposed
7/12/14 10:38:42 pm
re: #132 Snarknado! Have you tried Deborah Harkness?

At the Washington Post, Erik Wemple fact checks one of the more inflammatory claims in the latest Glenn Greenwald article about alleged NSA/FBI spying on American Muslim leaders: that the Justice Department went around to Muslim groups before the story was even written, warning them Greenwald’s article was full …

Is the XKeyScore Code Released in Germany Faked?

Expert analysis uncovers serious misrepresentations and possible fakery
7/09/14 1:13:04 pm
re: #97 a7214418 But thanks for the interesting bit about NYT's complete incompetence in covering up the super-duper-classified bits. By simply removing the black rectangles one can see the name of the author, among other things. What a bunch of ...

If You Read Down to Paragraph 18, You Discover That Glenn Greenwald’s Latest Article Has No Evidence

Extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence, or any evidence at all, really
2/26/14 9:53:57 am
re: #27 RadicalModerate So the Dudebros are now joining the Birthers in the credibility department. It's just hate Obama day for them.

Guardian “Readers’ Editor” Discovers Their NSA Reporting Has Been Flawless

Sheer perfection in every way, a shining diamond of journalism
9/23/13 10:28:58 pm
re: #324 Killgore Trout wingnuts will cite him on how a "concerned citizen" can and does thwart attacks by terrorists, never mind that he's a trained professional, all gun nut wingnuts believe that they're the equivalent of an off-duty SAS ...

More Lies From Glenn Greenwald - Update: And an Undisclosed Conflict of Interest

An unbroken pattern of dishonesty
195Charles Johnson
8/27/13 10:24:50 am
re: #194 Laertes And if you weren't trying so hard to make excuses for the constant distortion, you'd just admit that you're being played. Now it's not supposed to matter that Greenwald has been simply lying? That's a pathetic rationalization. ...

NSA Uncovered and Corrected More Than 3000 Cases of Unauthorized Access Per Year

Wrongdoing? Where is it?
91Charles Johnson
8/16/13 8:23:32 am
re: #85 Hal_10000 No - we have an NSA audit that details the kinds of problems you'll find in any large program, and the vast majority of the incidents described therein were unintentional. When I say there have been no ...