Fox News Poll Has Doug Jones Leading Roy Moore by 10 Points With Likely Voters

344The Vicious Babushka
12/11/17 7:02:14 pm
re: #316 BeachDem A spooge of pervs.

Given the source, I can’t help suspecting that this is actually some kind of scheme to make Alabama voters complacent and suppress turnout, but according to Fox News Doug Jones is now leading extreme right wing child molester Roy Moore by ten points in Alabama. “Truer?” “Unconventional?” Don’t ever change, …

Trump’s Pick for Budget Director: A Far Right Congressman Tied to the John Birch Society

Trump puts a guy in charge of the budget who spoke to a group that wants to return to the Gold Standard
12/19/16 4:35:45 pm
re: #384 allegro Just saw this comment closing out reading... Thank You! Think of how many people that say they aren't going to vote in a deeply red state because their vote doesn't count. And how many who might say ...

John Birch Society: 2009 Was a ‘Record Setting Year’

1/10/10 9:04:04 am
Discover why J. Edgar Hoover and senior FBI officials within the Buerau's Domestic Intelligence Division concluded that the Birch Society was "extremist", "irrational", "irresponsible", "fanatics" and "lunatic fringe". FBI FILES ON JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY: Your text to link...