Live Video of a Dying Party: GOP Convention: Night of the Trumpenstein

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re: #425 ObserverArt I'm hoping for a gig as Trump's official speech writer.
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Welp, folks, here we go again. Tonight’s the main event in the Horrifying Circus of the Absurd we’re calling a presidential campaign, as Donald Trump prepares to assert his dominance yet again over the shattered and gasping remnants of the Republican Party. If you’ve ever seen a speech by …

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Donald Trump Jr. Followed Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh After His Threat Against Obama and BLM

Extremism runs in the family
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Video: Donald Trump Says He Could Murder Somebody and Not Lose Voters, and the Crowd Laughs

Oh how they laughed
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1/24/16 3:07:33 pm
re: #485 SteveMcGaziBolaGate RN I disagree (late I know) with this statement, and therefore most of what follows it. But gently. The most important piece of evidence was Rafid Al' Janabi, and the British and Germans saying to not trust ...
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Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes

Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Admired Anti-Choice Extremist Group “Army of God,” Called Them “Heroes”

It’s increasingly clear this terrorist deliberately targeted Planned Parenthood
12/01/15 6:58:24 pm
re: #342 HappyWarrior I'd be satisfied with Franks catching a raging case of the clap...and a PP clinic being the only place for him to get treated.
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