NY Times Profiled Trump’s Racist Birther Butler in March

“Mr. Senecal, 74, has worked at the property for nearly 60 years”
150Lancelot Link
5/12/16 8:31:34 pm
re: #149 Belafon Certain to become an interplanetary delinquent.
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The Trump campaign is busily denying now that his racist Birther ex-butler Anthony Senecal works at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. “He hasn’t in many years,” they say. But oddly enough, this puff piece on Senecal from just a couple of months ago in the New York Times sure seems to …

Video: Donald Trump Says He Could Murder Somebody and Not Lose Voters, and the Crowd Laughs

Oh how they laughed
497Bass Reeves
1/24/16 3:07:33 pm
re: #485 SteveMcGaziBolaGate RN I disagree (late I know) with this statement, and therefore most of what follows it. But gently. The most important piece of evidence was Rafid Al' Janabi, and the British and Germans saying to not trust ...
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Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes

Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Admired Anti-Choice Extremist Group “Army of God,” Called Them “Heroes”

It’s increasingly clear this terrorist deliberately targeted Planned Parenthood
12/01/15 6:58:24 pm
re: #342 HappyWarrior I'd be satisfied with Franks catching a raging case of the clap...and a PP clinic being the only place for him to get treated.
US News
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Far right pastor Kevin Swanson

Pastor Hosting Conference With Huckabee, Cruz and Jindal Says Gay Marriage Will Lead to Cannibalism

A friend of the Republican presidential candidates
11/04/15 2:08:37 am
re: #81 Backwoods_Sleuth Sorry, Sleuth. I read on Wonkette that Bevin won. Those who either didn't vote, or who voted for him will be hurt the worst by his policies. American Exceptionalism at work - vote against your own self-interest! ...
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