After Classified Briefing With Comey, Democrats Are “Outraged”

1/14/17 7:22:51 am
re: #346 Eric The Fruit Bat I am posting this on my FB. Giving you credit of course.

I think most people who aren’t hard core Trump cultists realize at this point that FBI director James Comey played a large part in tilting the 2016 election, by releasing that statement about “new Hillary Clinton emails” in the last days of the campaign — newly discovered emails that …

Former DOJ Spokesman Slams FBI Director for “Flagrantly Violating DOJ Rules”

Calls this disclosure Comey’s “worst abuse yet”
10/30/16 3:24:36 am
re: #301 Mattand That press conference that Comey gave in June or July that made it appear Clinton had done something wrong is all the proof you need that Comey is not naive and is politically motivated.

Watch Live: FBI Director Comey Testifies at Ridiculous House Hearing

7/07/16 9:03:57 pm
- didn't the President just fly Hillary to a rally on Air Force One on the taxpayers dime? #justsayin Also the hearing did prove, according to Comey, that Hillary Clinton is in fact a lying wretch. #neverhillary

Chuck C. Johnson Wrong Again: FBI Conclusively Links N. Korea to Sony Hack

Self-beclowned yet again
12/22/14 10:47:52 am
There's a lot of skepticism among the tech bros because it is difficult to make a conclusive statement from digital evidence left behind by a competent hacker. The "insider" allegations almost certainly derive from the fact that an "Advanced Persistent ...

Petraeus Scandal Takes a Serious Left Turn

CIA reality show gets weird
11/13/12 1:23:19 pm
re: #16 Sophist is the VillageGreen Preservation Society It's actually a power thing. Tons of psychological studies showing that power directly influences hormone production and triggers an evolutionary drive to capitalize on that power for procreation and sexual dominance. In ...

FBI Cracks Down on ‘Anonymous’

‘Anonymous’ is just a word
1/28/11 8:46:52 pm
Given the number of people who have to participate in these DDoS attacks for them to be effective, those who are prosecuted will be a tiny fraction of the total, making them little more than scapegoats. I don't support DDoSing, ...