John Boehner’s Bartender Thought Boehner Was the Devil and Planned to Poison Him

737Feline Fearless Leader
1/14/15 12:44:55 pm
re: #727 Dr Lizardo Guy needs a copy of the Evil Overlord list. I'm pretty sure mass execution of your own troops is a no-no.
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At first I thought this was from one of those fake news sites, but no — it appears to be legitimate; John Boehner’s long-time bartender at a West Chester country club planned to poison him.

Chuck C. Johnson Wrong Again: FBI Conclusively Links N. Korea to Sony Hack

Self-beclowned yet again
12/22/14 10:47:52 am
There's a lot of skepticism among the tech bros because it is difficult to make a conclusive statement from digital evidence left behind by a competent hacker. The "insider" allegations almost certainly derive from the fact that an "Advanced Persistent ...
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