Pat Robertson Says Satanic Covens Use Facebook to Put Curses on Fetuses

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2/17/15 5:33:25 pm
re: #97 Lidane The award's from Breitbart, so it doesn't count.
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I’m not sure what’s more disturbing about this clip from Right Wing Watch; that religious right crocodile Pat Robertson thinks satanic covens are using Facebook to put curses on fetuses, or that the woman asking the question apparently is willing to accept this kind of seriously bad craziness at …

President Obama Announces Immigration Reform Speech on Facebook

11/20/14 11:34:02 am
re: #413 ObserverArt Not when he gets rewarded for being a little shit and then projecting his shittiness on his political opponents. GOP projection is how they've gotten away with acting like Obama is simultaneous a despotic tyrant decreeing everything ...
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Facebook, Microsoft Release Data Request Numbers

Direct access? Not so much.
6/15/13 9:32:28 pm
re: #34 WA_Independent You DO know that "General Counsel" means attorney, right? Those aren't PR statements by a marketing flack. They're statements by the attorneys for both Microsoft and Facebook releasing the information they have been allowed to release by ...

CNET: No Evidence of NSA ‘Direct Access’ to Tech Companies

Greenwald’s PRISM story has collapsed
6/08/13 4:04:45 pm
re: #198 Absalom, Absalom, Obdicut Sorry for the late reply... but in case you're still reading, the credit card companies have updated their specification that MPLS is private enough to not require encryption between sites. Anything stored on disk though ...
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