Irony Meter Explodes: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a Liar

12/21/15 7:34:57 am Have a gander at the Bern man's statements.

The most shameless blatant liar in recent political history is calling Hillary Clinton a liar, in a move that was inevitable. In Trump’s line about “being gunned down in a helicopter” he seems to be confusing Clinton’s story about an incident in Bosnia with Brian Williams’ lie about being …

Inadvertent Wingnut Humor Site of the Day: Conservative Fact Check

Definitive proof
145Jay C
11/26/12 5:31:47 pm
re: #27 Gus Wingnuts are basically a dog chasing its tail. More like, a dog that's been chasing its tail, caught it, and only gets more frantic, and runs in circles faster because its tail is in so much pain.... ...

Politifact Gets It Wrong Again: Obama Did Consistently Use “Act of Terror” to Describe Libya Attack

“Half true?”
10/17/12 3:02:21 pm
It helps to send the Politifact author, John Greenberg, an email. I did. You might mention that President Obama used the phrase Acts of Terror in the Rose Garden remarks, in Golden and in Las Vegas. He also never mentioned ...

National Review’s Advice for RNC Watchers: Ignore the Fact-Checkers

Mobilizing against reality
8/28/12 4:48:23 pm
re: #189 blueraven Contrary to many on this list: No. She gets as much slack as Michelle Obama has received, which is to say none from the opposition party and its supporters. I personally will refrain from racist and sexist ...