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Trump Tries to Deflect Racism Accusations With Fake Photo of Black Family

He just keeps doing this
398Eventual Carrion
6/04/16 9:42:29 pm
re: #388 SoundGuy 2016 Rule 34

Donald Trump just keeps retweeting insane people; white supremacists, racists, conspiracy nuts, you name it. It’s absolutely bizarre that even after all the criticism he’s gotten for this nasty habit, he just continues to do it. The latest example: this morning he retweeted a photo from a complete raving …

Tuesday Night Podcast Jam: The Bob and Chez Show, 7/7/15

368A hollow voice says, Covfefe.
7/08/15 1:11:13 pm
re: #346 Romantic Heretic No, because your costs aren't in 1950's dollars. (Calculate the tax on $400,000 by that scale. What would be left?) (Sorry to take so long to see this.)

National Review Finally Posts Correction for Fake “Venezuela” Photo After Michelle Malkin Throws Tantrum

Blames “abjectly stupid libs” for the National Review’s screw-up
6/02/15 8:43:46 pm
I gave the Comments a pretty-good look-see and, I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed...Lowry/NRO has finally fessed-up. His words: "Snafu" is actually an acronym: SNAFU=Situation Normal- All Fucked Up. 'Bout time.

Busted! National Review Crops and “Dirties” Photo From Austin Walmart, Claims It Shows “Venezuela”

Alleged pic of empty shelves in Venezuela is actually from a Wal-Mart in the US
6/01/15 2:13:02 pm
re: #555 antonk9000 Is anyone here claiming that Venezuela has a good economy? The point is that Sanders doesn't support what NRO calls "Venezuela style socialism". He's an admirer of Scandinavian style democratic socialism which is an entirely different animal. ...