Watch Live: FBI Director Comey Testifies at Ridiculous House Hearing

7/07/16 9:03:57 pm
- didn't the President just fly Hillary to a rally on Air Force One on the taxpayers dime? #justsayin Also the hearing did prove, according to Comey, that Hillary Clinton is in fact a lying wretch. #neverhillary

Next Up in the Donald Trump Attack Plan: Whitewater

But of course
247Unshaken Defiance
5/26/16 7:37:46 am
Stanley Sea and I have talked about going to Trump event. I'm sorely tempted. Let's go say Hello. I have no real idea of location or timing. And the protesters might be enough reason to pass by way of walking ...
Infamous troll Chuck C. Johnson poses with Center for Medical Progress head David Daleiden, October 25, 2015

Anti-Choice Activist David Daleiden Claims His New Video Release Did Not Violate Injunction

Pushing the envelope
2/10/16 5:53:39 am
re: #69 calochortus were you lucky enough to get empanelled, only to have them settle out of court? If so, you are guaranteed 3 years of peace afterwards.