Is This the Dumbest “Rigged Voting Machine” Video Ever?

Right wing journalism at its finest
371De Kolta Chair
11/08/16 5:49:29 pm
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As they do every Election Day, right wing blogs are totally losing their shit over imaginary voter fraud and “rigged voting machines.” It’s a weird ritual they engage in every couple of years, without fail, and nothing ever comes of it because it’s all bullshit and they actually know …

Pathetic: Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Apologizes for Three False Stories About Hillary Clinton

No, Hillary Clinton isn’t about to be indicted, and no, her email server was not “hacked”
645bill d. (b.d.)
11/04/16 5:58:50 pm
re: #636 Tigger2 ReplyReply w/ QuoteImages I guess the ISIS Army in Mexico is going to start their Rio Grande offensive soon? //

Donald Trump’s “Pre-Debate” Press Conference: Women Who Claim They Were Assaulted by Bill Clinton

10/09/16 6:04:34 pm
re: #73 The Vicious Babushka I knew that was going to happen. He was a complete ass acting like a junior high school boy trying to impress the bullshitter rich kid from up the street. Billy Bush league. Bigly!