Portia Boulger’s Attorney Demands Retraction From Trump Jr. for Defamatory Tweet

3/17/16 4:04:07 am
re: #22 Backwoods_Sleuth defamation "per se." I believe that's lawyer's speak for "we don't anticipate a trial. We'll just make a motion for summary judgement, followed by punitive damages."

One of our most popular articles in the past week was our exposé of Donald Trump Jr.’s retweet of a false accusation against Bernie Sanders supporter Portia Boulger; Trump Jr. cited a white supremacist scumbag to accuse Boulger of masquerading as a Trump supporter giving a Nazi salute outside …

DOJ Preparing Corruption Charges Against Sen. Bob Menendez, Chuck C. Johnson Starts Boasting

Smear merchant claims “vindication,” but it’s not
3/06/15 6:58:30 pm
re: #11 Nyet If it had been a Republican, this thread would have been about "GOP corruption", instead of focusing on UpChuck. It's always easier to focus on the problems of the 'other side'. But some of it is also ...

Updates on Bill O’Reilly’s “War Zones” Scandal

Billo has a problem
2/21/15 11:42:22 am
re: #380 blueraven About the only thing in that article I can credit Wiegel for is acknowledging the bullshit about how the Iranian Hostage Crisis ended because Reagan became president. The rest is usual "Our shit don't stink!" business from ...

Mother Jones Blows the Whistle on Bill O’Reilly’s Numerous “War Zone” Lies

So much worse than Brian Williams
2/20/15 2:11:07 pm
re: #171 lostlakehiker Read the whole article, and ALL of the quotes. They aren't all as innocuous as the one you're focusing on. Are you really surprised that someone like Bill might just be a liar and a bullshit artist? ...

His Fraudulent Story Exposed, Jim Hoft Tries to Edit History

Right wing blogger ethics
93Chez Ko Pe
11/25/14 3:33:29 pm
For God's sake, LGF even located the unaltered scan on Hoft's servers. That's like finding cake frosting all over the face of your unaware child as he swears he never touched the cake. Hoft not only lied, he claimed to ...

Jim Hoft, Dumbest Man on Internet and Master of Projection: Did CNN Get Duped?

“Did they do a background check on the attorney?”
8/26/14 8:15:08 pm
re: #201 b_sharp Too many people can barely control heir cars on the ground, and you want them to fly? They actually did successfully build flying cars decades ago, but decided mass production would be a bad idea.

CNN’s Brian Stelter Rips Fox News for Hyping Jim Hoft’s “Fractured Eye Socket” Hoax

Jim Hoft’s ugly dishonesty makes it to Fox News — again
8/24/14 9:40:14 pm
re: #83 CuriousLurker Barrel bombs are today's version of "Bomber" Harris' attacks on civilian populations in Germany, and of Curtis LeMay's incendiary attacks on Japan's cities. The "laws of war" don't flatly forbid them, but that sort of thing made ...