Creation Festival Founder Harry Thomas Arrested and Charged With Multiple Counts of Child Molestation

Family values
453Jebediah, RBG
12/09/17 2:38:49 pm
re: #423 wrenchwench Can I get mine back? I'm feeling all nostalgic about it.

Harry L. Thomas is the pastor of Come Alive New Testament Church in Medford, New Jersey, and founder of the Creation Festival, one of the most popular Christian music festivals in America. And tonight, he’s under arrest for sexually assaulting four children over the course of 16 years. The church …

Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Is Pregnant Out of Wedlock for the 2nd Time

No lectures please
6/29/15 6:02:10 am
If I were a religious fanatic Jesus-Fearin' Bible thumper I would suggest that one Bristol Palin has a very difficult time keeping her knees together. But I am not a Jesus-fearin' Bible thumper. What I would say is that she ...

Family Values, Duggar Style: Jim Bob Duggar Didn’t Report Son Josh’s Alleged Sex Offenses for More Than a Year

The executive director of the Family Research Council’s political wing is a molester
223Blind Frog Belly White
5/21/15 9:37:05 pm
re: #221 klys (maker of Silmarils) I'd suggest that it's not 'knowing your audience', it's your audience knowing YOU. (Sounds like Jacov Smirnov - "Een Soviet Russia, Audience know YOU!") I've been on here long enough that I feel confident ...

The Police Audio of the Palin Family’s Post-Drunken Brawl Interviews Is Not Pretty

10/22/14 11:30:55 am
re: #422 RealityBasedEbola While channel surfing a while back I came across the movie "Dive Bomber," 1941, Fred MacMurray, Errol Flynn, and directed by "Bring On The Empty Horses," Michael Curtiz. Good movie. IIIRC, throughout the movie, every time two ...

New Details on Palin Family’s Drunken Brawl: It Started When Track Was Mackin’

“Bend them over on the lawn”
9/15/14 11:30:43 am
re: #209 b.d. I have a cousin in Dubai who works on airplanes for that very reason. Makes very good money, but he's away from his family for 7 weeks, then 1 week vacation. I know I couldn't do it. ...

Another Republican ‘Family Values’ Politician Quits Over Affair

Protecting the sanctity of marriage
12/19/11 5:59:05 am
re: #260 Gus 802 Personally, he's not my issue, at all. I do enjoy watching the rwnj have a cow every time they come across his name, though. Then again, doesn't take much for them to have a cow, so.. ...

Rep. Joe Walsh Screams at Town Hall Questioners

Better not call him a ‘teabagger’
11/09/11 4:46:02 pm
As far as I can tell that asshole Walsh voted for the repeal of Glass-Stegall. Unless it's another Walsh. House roll call results on repealing the financial safeguards enacted after the great depression of the thirties. These sons of bitches ...

Rep. Walsh Gets ‘Pro-Family’ Award, Despite Owing $100K in Child Support

Right wing nuts approve of deadbeat dad
11/05/11 3:41:25 pm
To many conservatives, "traditional family values" mean heterosexual marriages involving husbands cheating on their wives with hookers and mistresses ... often ending in divorce, deadbeat dads refusing to provide child support, and unplanned pregnancies by unwed, teenaged girls.

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Doubles Down on Anti-Vaccination

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9/17/11 12:10:54 pm
Michele Bachmann's banal, nonsensical rhetoric is 40% demagoguery, 20% paranoid delusion, and 40% the result of being an ignorant dumbsh*t. Bachmann and Palin share fundamental character flaws -- both have a propensity toward making snide, petty comments about those with ...