Fantastic Four Reboot: The Official Teaser Trailer

Right wing freakout imminent
1/28/15 8:53:10 am
CCJ is just another typical whiny what man loser these days. WAH WAH WAH they're oppressing the poor white man. Let's take a look at reality. The population of white men in the world as defined by the typical white ...

As a kid, the Fantastic Four were my favorite Marvel characters, but the recent films weren’t really that great. So I’m glad to see a reboot in the works, with an apparent emphasis on the science fiction angle that attracted me to the Fantastic Four in the first place …

Fantastic Four #45, December 1965: “Among Us Hide … the Inhumans!”

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Silver Age
12/25/12 1:10:53 pm
My mom made prime rib from grass fed-beef last night. You may find it amazing that I never had that before, but I'm from the Bay Area where restaurants don't even serve steaks (too American for us commies, probably). It ...