Brian Stelter: President Trump Living in a Fantasyland Devoid of Criticism, Filled With Gushing Praise

375Anymouse 🌹
3 weeks, 4 days ago
=re: #296 Backwoods_Sleuth This seems to go back to the age-old (well, as long as there has been USENet and IRC) debate about whether you should engage trolls, or block and move on. With the exception of suspiciously bot-like accounts, ...

This is where we’re at with our Fox News-addicted racist grandpa in the White House. At least there are still some journalists like Brian Stelter who aren’t pretending to see the emperor’s new clothes.

The Climate Change Deniers in Congress

The GOP’s unending war on science
6/02/13 11:43:06 am
re: #214 Patricia Kayden The university I attended (in the 1960s) was part of the Southern Baptist Convention. A year or so before, during a Southern Baptist mission to Africa, one of the missionary graduates converted an African gentleman to ...