Video: State Troopers Arrest Intoxicated Armed Man on His Way to Join the Bundy Militia

2 weeks, 2 days ago
ok so let me get this straight: He is armed; he threatens to kill them multiple times; the cops go out of their way to treat him nicely. What am I missing? Oh yeah. White privilege.
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Today in Oregon, state police arrested a man who said he was going to join the militia at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, intending to be a personal bodyguard for the Bundys. The Harney County DA released this video showing the arrest, and you won’t believe how insane it gets. …

Ammon Bundy and His Armed Gang of Loons Renege on Promise to Announce Departure Date

Imagine my surprise
542Sophist: Domo Arigato, Marco Ruboto
3 weeks, 5 days ago
re: #204 darthstar Again, it's no big deal. Sanders' grandkids are adopted...that's not a bad thing. But the perception of being an asshole is a lot harder to get rid of than simply not being one. And she was being ...
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The Milo Yiannopoulos Checkmark Tantrum Continues: Now He’s Retweeting Threats of Violence

@Nero gets even more disgusting
242unproven innocence
4 weeks, 1 day ago
re: #178 WhatEVs re: #203 WhatEVs The concerns of many about allegiance --that is right in some ways, and so dreadfully, catastrophically wrong in many other ways. Because he was Catholic, JFK had a tough campaign. Many thought he might ...
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Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes

The Sad Tale of the Milo Yiannopoulos Blue Checkmark Tantrum

This person is really not well
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re: #534 Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light) Minorities in the spotlight always have to answer for anything their fellow minorities do, and any action is always representative of everyone else in that group. It's classic racism/bigotry/xenophobia. A handful ...
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Texas Gov. Abbott Wants to Amend the Constitution to Override US Laws and Supreme Court Rulings

Rick Perry was just a warm-up
1/08/16 10:37:57 pm
So the party of Texas wackjobs that claims to represent the purity of the founding fathers and their "original intent" wants to actually push an agenda that reinstates the concept of the articles of confederation that Madison, Jay, Hamilton and ...
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Y’All Qaeda Says They’re Staying for “Years” - But They Might Need a Little More Food

A little light in the planning department
1/06/16 11:23:34 pm
re: #50 Charles Johnson Also the Japanese Red Army, best known for a terrorist attack at an Israeli airport, but they also hijacked a domestic Japanese flight, and took other actions against Japanese government buildings outside Japan. And the "East ...
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Video: Ammon Bundy Says God Told Him to Go to Oregon

“I did exactly what the Lord asked me to do”
481Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)
1/04/16 11:22:08 am
re: #466 WhatEVs The main thing is not to let it escalate. These fellows want nothing more than to provoke a violent response on the part of the government that they can then portray as proof of Tyranny and Aggression ...
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Here’s Some Background on the Militia Members “Occupying” the Oregon Wildlife Refuge

Heavily armed crazy people
523Sherlock Hound
1/03/16 7:26:06 pm
re: #475 unproven innocence That was a disaster for the Russians, in an urban theatre (in both senses of the word). At this site, gas would have unpredictable effects and most of those aren't favorable to the Fred. Plus, children. ...
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