Trump Fans Circulate Fake Photo of NFL Players Burning a US Flag

261Stanley Sea
9/29/17 5:59:38 pm
Well I hope/doubt the yam is watching CNN. He'd learn a fucking lot if he did. Jose Andres just preached.

Today we find Trump fans on both Facebook and Twitter circulating an obviously fake photograph, with the caption “No more NFL,” purportedly showing Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett burning a US flag in a locker room while other players stand around and cheer. As I write this, the fake …

Poll: Should Reuters/AP Let Readers Know When Photos Come from Questionable Sources?

603Charles Johnson
6/12/10 2:41:55 pm
re: #602 Romantic Heretic Oh, bullshit. Click the link. The "journalist" who took these pictures is a hardcore Islamist advocate who promotes jihad causes all over the world. He talks openly about his support for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the ...

Israeli Government Expresses ‘Grave Concern’ Over Cropped Photos

199Charles Johnson
6/07/10 10:57:12 pm
Gee, Chris H. sure vanished right away when I posted the link to the Reuters analysis, showing that Israel's blockade is legal and they have the right to board ships in international waters. Funny how that always seems to happen. ...

Did Reuters Crop a Photo to Remove a Peace Activist’s Weapon?

6/07/10 2:10:30 am
re: #347 lawhawk This is from when Reuters fired Adnan Hajj for blatantly Photoshpping the effects of Israeli bominb in Beirut in 2006-- “There is no graver breach of Reuters standards for our photographers than the deliberate manipulation of an ...