Dumbest Man on Internet Recycles Another Right Wing Paranoid Fantasy, Gets Drudge Link

Jim Hoft exposes Obama’s plot to murder you with SEKRIT TANKS
3/05/13 9:21:46 am
re: #608 DrTesla How do you know Gus hasn't had cancer?

Whoever’s posting the links at Drudge Report really seems to enjoy the work of the Dumbest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft, because the estimable Gateway Pundit receives another Drudge benefaction today, for another long-debunked right wing paranoid fantasy: Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their …

Republican Lunatics Vote Against Rights of Disabled People

Heartless bastards do it again
12/04/12 11:52:55 pm
You know, I didn't always agree with Bob Dole's positions but he is a gosh dang war hero and has more honor and character in his pinkie finger than, well.....the current form of the GOP has none, zip, nadda. For ...

Romney at Private Fundraiser: Obama Thinks Businesspeople Are ‘Evil’

As his wife blows the racist dog whistle
61Patricia Kayden
10/30/12 12:42:48 pm
@24 Charles Johnson, It will be very disheartening if Romney is able to win despite running such a dishonest and racially hostile campaign. Would send a message to other Republicans that they can go hog wild with the dog whistles ...

Avlon: The Obama Haters Book Club: The Canon Swells

Fear of a black President
63Romantic Heretic
10/26/12 2:02:24 pm
re: #18 nines09 They believe that they are good, and that those who believe differently are evil. They believe that they are in a war against evil, and that war is on a level with the war in Middle Earth. ...

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Obama’s a Sekrit Muslim

Just a little more GOP anti-Muslim fear-mongering
6/21/11 7:38:36 pm
What's really frightening about this uber-hick is that he served as Chief Justice on Texas' 12th District Court of Appeals. Appointed by Governor Good Hair, who I can't wait to see enter the prez race. That's going to be fun! ...

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Deny Climate Change (or, Romney Commits Political Suicide)

Say goodnight, Mitt
190Citizen Bob
6/05/11 1:13:56 am
I think Big Oil and Friends will offer Mitt fabulous sums of money to retract this statement, or to otherwise backpedal into the standard "we need more research" smokescreen. And he'll take it. No bribe would be too much to ...

Your Overnight Moment of Zen

Mitt gets jiggy in Jacksonville
6/03/11 9:28:44 am
A Vote for Romney Is a Vote for the LDS Church One evangelical explains why he cannot support Mitt Romney for President. patheos.com # Mormons & Romney Presidency “Dangerous” According to Evangelical Author # A Conversation with Warren Smith religiondispatches.org ...

Tennessee Republicans Introduce Idiotic Anti-Sharia Bill Drafted by Racist Loon

The GOP’s war on sanity
2/28/11 4:40:31 pm
re: #326 SanFranciscoZionist Okay, here goes. Let me start off by saying that contrary to popular opinion (in some circles), to break a promise or breach a trust is absolutely unlawful in Islam and considered a sign of being a ...

Video: Fareed Zakaria Corrects Glenn Beck’s Math

12/12/10 8:05:45 pm
#1)Beck is an idiot (Just wanted to get that out of the way) #2)An average of about 10% of Muslims worldwide have a favorable view Al Qaeda (according to Pew Research) Which is about 150 million Source: pewresearch.org If you ...