Newsweek Reports on the Growing Alliance Between Netanyahu’s Likud Party and Europe’s Anti-Semitic Far Right

The disturbing acceptance of European hate groups in Israeli politics
4/18/15 3:52:33 pm
re: #156 allegro I don't know. She didn't go through, but bought outside with a company called "Coventry One". It actually pays quite a bit with a low co-pay (except for the nebulizer she is supposed to use, which ...

Long-time readers of LGF will recognize many of the names of people and organizations called out in this piece by Charles Hawley; these are the very fascists and antisemites who made alliances with American “counter-jihad” groups years ago, leading me to make a clean break with them and their hateful …

Vlaams Belang: Friends of Israel?

742galloping granny
11/10/08 5:45:22 pm
re: #736 J.S. I only hope that it matters whether the American public is more intelligent that the Obamatons. I'm afraid that barring some miracle with the Electoral College, it is too late. Much too late.