The Bruce Willis Christmas Mashup: “Everybody Wants to Kill Bruce 2”

12/26/16 10:17:37 am
re: #123 The Vicious Babushka Why do the the assholes fell free to do this shit? Never mind. We all know the answer. Five days left in 2016. Can't come fast enough.

Everyone knows “Die Hard” is one of the all-time great Christmas movies. This isn’t “Die Hard,” but a weird twisted spin-off, and I think you’ll have fun watching.

Onion: Today Now! Interviews 5-Year Old Screenwriter

‘I want the cars to drive fast and then some of them explode’
89Decatur Deb
4/26/11 6:36:19 pm
re: #85 PhillyPretzel The Reform temple in our little town is having its annual Deli Day. The brisket and pastrami is flown in from Max's in Birmingham. Because the bread went soggy last year, the rye will come from the ...