Sunday Acoustic Jam: Donovan Raitt, “Pursuing the Horizon”

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6/14/15 9:04:14 pm
re: #290 BeachDem God has obviously forgiven him already. And awaits another million or so to be dumped into the Jesus-slot-machine.
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Here’s a beautiful performance with excellent tone, by a guy who looks and plays like he might be related to Andy McKee (but he’s not).

Monday Night Acoustic Session: Michael Chapdelaine - Portrait De Femme

An epic finger style composition
2/11/14 5:53:43 pm
re: #485 Pie-onist Overlord Shirley Temple was a Republican before the party had completely devolved into religious bigotry, far right anti-government extremism, anti-abortion fanaticism, a bizarre fetish for guns, and an open hositility to gays, immigrants, et al.
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