A Climate Change Denier’s Links to the Fossil Fuel Industry Exposed

2/22/15 11:39:31 am
re: #181 Justanotherhuman It's all about Netayahu's attempt to win reelection in Israel than domestic US consumption. The polls show things pretty close between Likud and Labor (Zionist Union - Labor/Livni). As such, Netanyahu has got to try and show ...

Huge news on the climate change front, as one of the main climate change-denying scientist’s highly lucrative links to the fossil fuel industry are exposed: Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for a Doubtful Climate Scientist. This is the exact same strategy the tobacco industry used for years to spread disinformation …

Mitt Romney’s Energy Advisers Are Terrifying

What to expect if Romney’s elected
433Eventual Carrion
8/03/12 11:30:33 am
re: #428 Daniel Ballard Westboro church is living in a fantasy land where a sky fairy is 'telling' them what to do. This CFA fuckwad is screwing with REAL people and their lives. Fuck him and the chicken he rode ...

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

Bill McKibben calls this the ‘most important thing he’s written’ in years
8/03/12 11:29:59 am
re: #154 LudwigVanQuixote We don't live in the water. We, unlike most large mammals, can tolerate altitudes of 15000 feet. We are a sturdy and adaptable species. If 5 percent of earth species survived the last time around, and a ...