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The Fox Business GOP Clown Car Debate 1: The Kiddie Table

First, the also-rans
11/10/15 5:59:27 pm
re: #38 thedopefishlives A feature, not a bug.

The Fox News (actually Fox Business) circus is about to begin! As usual, the festivities will open with a humiliating “also-ran” debate featuring the candidates with poll numbers so dismal they don’t rate a spot in the prime time debate: Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. …

Fox Host Eric Bolling: Obama Invites ‘Hoods’ to the ‘Hizzouse’

The ugliest Fox race-baiting episode yet
6/12/11 9:48:43 am
re: #516 Lidane He's not going to pick T-Paw. I think how a GOP candidate is treated by FOX is a good indication of where things are headed. T-Paw may be toast.