Fox Nation Deliberately Inciting Racial Hatred (Again)

Keeping the angry racist base enraged
60Sir John Barron
1/25/13 7:32:00 am
I wonder when white recipients of food stamps will start to figure out that the conservative media establishment doesn't like them much either? not sure if/

One of the features of LGF is our randomly selected news feed, near the bottom of the left sidebar. When this Fox Nation post appeared in the feed, I knew right away what I’d see if I clicked through: VIDEO: Brawl Erupts at Food Stamp Office | Welfare | Fox …

Video: Obama Defends UN Amb. Susan Rice Against Right Wing Craziness

Pushback against the right’s fake rage over Benghazi
11/14/12 7:12:23 pm
It's nice to see the Wingnuts move beyond their momentary depression over getting their collective asses kicked and decide that really, none of that happened, the world still agrees with them, and somehow, Obama is directly and personally responsible for ...

Wingnut Nontroversy of the Day: ‘Obama’s 9-11 Proclamation Does Not Mention God’

Neither did Pres. George W. Bush (R) for the years 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
9/11/12 10:11:38 am
If my personal religious beliefs do not include constant, slavish validation from everyone on the planet, the only possible explanation is that my beliefs are under attack!

Fox Nation Commenters Spew Paranoid Hatred, Call for ‘Mass Attack’ at DNC

Violent paranoid fantasies about civil war fill the Fox Nation comment section
8/16/12 8:59:35 am
To me the Tea Party inspired push back really disturbed me. I saw racism concealed with dog whistle politics hidden behind conservative rhetoric lead to the GOP - a disgraced and failed party after the economic collapse it oversaw - ...

Fox News Commenters Spew Racial Slurs at President Obama (Again)

“The eggplant president”
11/17/11 8:02:02 pm
re: #306 albusteve It's only been two months so it's bound to grow and change over the next few, especially out in CA where the weather is milder. I just hope they go occupy the voting booth in #316 ...

Fox Nation on ‘Fast and Furious’: A Deluge of Death Threats and Racism

The Fox News audience spews racism and threats (again)
106Decatur Deb
7/08/11 6:25:47 pm
re: #105 dillybar1 Welcome. You won't get many answers because you are at the end of a stale thread. (Note it's been more than 3 hrs since the previous comment.) Come on up to one of the threads at the ...

Gov. Jindal Says, ‘Don’t Hate Obama,’ Fox Nation Commenters Spew Hatred

Quote: ‘I’m tired of brown people.’
6/19/11 9:07:51 am
re: #4 Decatur Deb Oh? That's in the same spirit as the claim that Crockett wasn't really being brave at the Alamo; he just didn't want people to think he was a coward. Jindal is consistent in his fundamentalist christianity. ...

Fox Nation Links to Onion Satire, Readers Don’t Get Joke, Go Nuts

11/28/10 10:03:05 am
A large fraction of the Fox news reports, at least on their website, are mostly fake and get the same kind of insane reaction of anti-Obama hatred. It's not surprising that a satirical piece from the Onion would seem any ...