Stupidest Man on the Internet Fails Again, Falls for “Daesh” Hoax

Yes, again
68John Vreeland
12/17/15 5:31:56 pm
Did anyone already mention that Daesh will execute you for calling them "Daesh"? Apparently they do not like the implication that they are violent, bigoted assholes, which is one of the meanings of the term.

Saturday Night Weird French Rock Video: Von Pariahs, Skywalking

Weird but great
6/15/14 2:08:50 pm
re: #207 Dark_Falcon This reasoning is so bad it isn't even wrong. The fact that the scum of the earth will do awful things is completely irrelevant to the question of US military intervention. US military adventures need to start ...

Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’ Attacked by Christian Protesters in France

The French Christian Taliban vandalize Andres Serrano’s demonized artwork
4/20/11 7:23:40 am
Alright, that does it. My Parisian friends can no longer call the US a country full of racist religious ideologues. France seems to be taking the lead with the veil ban and now this.. :))