Watch Live: CPAC 2018, Day 2, Featuring Far Right Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist Frank Gaffney

3 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #142 allegro Understood. But you can bet they'll be getting gutted by the nra side.

Oh, here we go. In the Trump era, Birther and extreme anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney is no longer persona non grata; this year he gets to harangue the crowd about Sekrit Muslim Plots from the main stage. (Note: the video begins with the current speaker, but you can …

Ted Cruz at Birther Frank Gaffney’s Conference: Obama Has Banned “Anti-Muslim Rhetoric”

The GOP is irrevocably off the rails
403Barefoot Grin
12/15/15 3:59:26 pm
re: #386 The Vicious Babushka Zelig! ("I have to leave. I'm teaching a course on masturbation at the university and if I'm not there on time they'll start without me.")

Anti-Muslim Activists Take Aim at TN Gov. Haslam Hire, #FAIL

Frank Gaffney and the Tea Party bigot brigades have been at it again
48Patricia Kayden
6/13/12 5:48:56 pm
"The groups depict Ali as an Islamic fundamentalist with close ties to President Barack Obama." So having close ties to the President of the U.S. makes one unqualified or suspect? Crazy folks. Poor Ms. Ali. I hope my Muslim family ...

Bloodthirsty ‘Anti-Jihad’ Bloggers Rant Crazily About Apologies for Koran-Burning

The Bigot Brigade calls for wholesale slaughter, not apologies
3/01/12 2:33:59 pm
Charles Johnson, I saw this story Mirrored over at Loon Watch. I made a suggestion to them that maybe one of these days they should interview you. Would like that?

ADL Statement on ‘Pernicious’ Shariah Conspiracy Theories

Abe Foxman calls out the Bigot Brigade
8/14/11 12:58:08 am
re: #169 darthstar Of course, I wrote directly to Snopes once, as I had several examples I, personally, knew of that contradicted something Snopes had written. I received a polite, curt "Thank you", but the article was never corrected. All ...

Frank Gaffney: Muslims Practicing Sharia Should Be Prosecuted for Sedition

Gaffney calls for the criminalization of Islam
112Hombre McBacon
3/14/11 11:08:04 pm
re: #99 Sergey Romanov Slightly off-topic: Last year I mentioned the JIDF's ties to the JDL on Twitter and how that was a major reason why I stopped supporting them. Sure enough, "David Appletree" e-mailed me, claiming I was engaging ...

Sharia Takeover of America Narrowly Averted

UK radical Islamic buffoon jerks the anti-Muslim movement’s chain
3/04/11 10:33:44 am
The current state of American politics seems to me to be the Bigot Brigade vs. the Fag Front. As a member of the Reasonable Regiment with both bigots and fags as friends and relatives, this fight is not even close ...