BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues Stay Against Trump’s Executive Order Banning Muslims From Entering the US

The tiny-fisted fascist’s head is going to explode
1/28/17 11:07:24 pm
re: #78 stpaulbear I also like Adolf Twitler.

Finally, some good news to report. A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, has issued a nationwide stay against Donald Trump’s disgusting un-American executive order banning Muslims from entering the US, even if they have green cards. Need I mention that we can now expect a glorious 3 am …

Rush Limbaugh vs. Stephen Colbert and the Nature of Reality Itself

“That’s why I’m called the mayor of Realville”
5/02/14 6:48:52 am
A very Randian rant, & one that warps reality. Colbert's continual exposure of the right through satire and lampoon all of these years is closer to reality than most of Rush's theocratically driven drivel.

DOJ Sets Up Email Tip Line in Zimmerman Case, Right Wing Bloggers Go Batshit

Yes, it’s another unison freakout in Wingnut World
7/17/13 9:12:50 pm
The Shrieking Harpy is not only lionizing Zimmerman, but she's working really hard trying to pain Trayvon as a drug addicted gangster. Seriously, she's saying that Trayvon bought the Skittles to make drugs. At least Spencer mostly sticks to Islamophobia. ...