NY Satanists to Posthumously Baptize Fred Phelps… into Homosexuality

If it’s good enough for Joseph Smith’s suckers, it oughtta be good enough for the rest of us, right?
3/20/14 6:05:38 am
re: #4 HappyWarrior There is a website now where you can necro-baptize Mormons to be gay.

The NY Satanic Temple plans on giving the same holy ceremony they did for Fred’s mother — the Pink Mass. Lucien Greaves, the head of the Satanic Temple, has some “heartfelt”(?) words about the planned event: So, uh. This is a thing. It’ll be interesting to see if the WBC …

Founder of Westboro Baptist Hate Cult “On the Edge of Death”

After causing grievous harm to many, many people at their worst moments
3/17/14 6:03:19 am
As a Jew, when we hear of the death of someone, we have a blessing: "Blessed are You, Oh L--d our G-D, ruler of the universe, THE TRUE JUDGE." phelps will truly be judged when he's gone and it won't ...

Westboro Baptist Cult to Take Over ‘Burn a Quran Day’

100Scottish Dragon
9/10/10 7:07:00 am
re: #95 Mr Pancakes They were funding a political proposition through the electoral process and they tried to hide how deeply they were involved with direct funding and neighborhood canvassing. Whether you think so or not, GLBT rights are a ...

Westboro Baptist Church Helps Manhattan Synagogue

6/23/09 12:49:06 pm
This sick organization hates Christianity more than it hates homosexuals and jews, otherwise it would not publicly vomit forth such disgusting views while impersonating a church. Their true mission is to defame christians and organized religion, in my opinion.