Hilariously Crazed Wingnut Rant of the Day

To the bunker, patriots!
11/08/12 2:37:20 pm
re: #237 Southern Beale Welcome, hatchling.

Courtesy of the always-diverting Free Republic, this is definitely our hilariously insane wingnut rant of the day, as one of the Freepers is PREPARING FOR POST OBAMA ELECTION. I hope he remembered to instruct wifey to lay in a supply of toilet paper. It’s the little things that matter most …

Free Republic Reacts to Ron Paul’s White Supremacist Links

Its all lies! But even if it’s true, so what? Look, a little green squirrel!
2/03/12 1:59:31 pm
re: #43 Dark_Falcon Stalin was a social conservative. Whether that makes him a left or a right is an interesting question. Rather, this perhaps demonstrates the inadequacy of 1 dimension. Stalin was a left-wing socon.
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Rush Limbaugh, Defender of the Lord’s Resistance Army

Disgusting does not begin to describe it.
393(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
10/16/11 1:35:14 am
re: #390 publicityStunted Sometimes you just have conservatives. The October and the Islamic revolutions can arguably be conceived as conservative reactions to the preceeding conservatives having had gone too far in their activities. But those revolutions were not in spirit ...
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