Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Issues Veiled Threat of Legal Action Against Harry Reid

Reid “should be very careful … in a legal sense”
11/14/16 6:05:51 am
re: #40 jaunte Con artists like Alex Jones need to rail against something sinister and unseen at all times. There always has to be a boogeyman in order to make his living. With all the politcal power now in the ...

The Troubling Treatment of Journalists During Ferguson Coverage

Law enforcement seems to be going out of its way to harass, detain, and arrest journalists covering events in Ferguson
8/19/14 10:59:37 am
re: #376 Lidane She also hated people who mooched from the Federal Government but got Social Security and Medicare which helped her deal with her lung cancer.

Snowden and Venezuela: The Real Total Surveillance State

In Venezuela one cannot have any expectation of privacy or free speech
192Dr Lizardo
7/08/13 1:12:29 pm
Here in the Czech Republic, as an English teacher, I'm considered self-employed. I have a živnostensk list - a business license - and I'm responsible for my own taxes, health insurance, etc. The only pain in the butt is taxes, ...

Free Speech-Loving Loeschs Try to Get Conservative Prosecutor Disbarred for Disagreeing With Them on Twitter

Apparently, if you disagree with the Loeschs, you should not be allowed to practice law
7/22/12 4:46:09 pm
re: #130 Millicent Islam I loves me some fresh tortilla chips with cinnamon and sugar on them; when I don't feel like cooking them, Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips are a more than acceptable substitute.

Dutch Hatemonger Geert Wilders Acquitted of Inciting Hatred

Wilders benefits from the freedom he wants to take away from Muslims
41Decatur Deb
6/25/11 6:32:55 am
re: #40 Rocktheboat Welcome, newbie, if you're a newbie. You are posting at the bottom of a long-abandoned thread, where people will notice your effort only by accident. Bring your message to a similar current thread or page, they recur ...