American patriot on the left, Palestinian suicide bomber on the right

Two Young, Gun-Wielding Mothers Appear Side-by-Side on Twitter

Fanaticism, dressed in similar symbols, but in different contexts
7/09/14 7:54:56 am Fox News to the rescue of poor little troll
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Holly Fisher, aka “Holly Hobby Lobby,” thought she was being pretty clever tweeting her super-patriotic selfie this week. There she is, standing in front of a huge American flag, with a huge Bible in her left arm, and a serious looking assault rifle in her right. Take that, librulz! But …

ABC’s This Week Easter Show: Gays Are Going to Hell, Civilization Is Doomed

“A more authentic Christianity”
277Great White Snark
4/20/14 9:26:45 pm
re: #99 goddamnedfrank Interesting! The idea to take this further is to bring two 500 watt lights in to bring the background detail and light up. We have not been using a tripod as the shutter is so fast it's ...
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David Barton Explains How Teachers Can Sneak Religious Indoctrination Into Public Schools

Fanatical, and sneaky too
11/19/13 4:57:18 pm
re: #158 yoshicastmaster Barton is a "historian" which I put in quotes, only because that's what he claims to be, but has no real justification for doing so. He's a pseudo historian at best. I don't think he's an ordained ...
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Secret Persuasion: How Big Campaign Donors Stay Anonymous : NPR

As we’ve been saying for years: the Tea Party and other true believers are just fundamentalists in fiscal conservative clothing
11/06/13 1:37:23 pm
re: #2 jaunte Is it just me, or do I sense the aroma of complex transaction system to obfuscate the real money flow? Or are they simply that inept at economics? Just my .02€ worth.

We Won’t Have Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) to Kick Around Any More

The twilight of a sterling wingnut career
5/30/13 2:38:25 am
re: #265 NJDhockeyfan * Drools * Gorram' it, I'm supposed to be on a diet - stop tormenting me!! :) Seriously though, those look really, really good. Pity there's no decent bacon to be found in these parts...
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LA Voucher Students Taught Creationism, Climate Change Denial, and Bigotry

Building a separate subculture of ignorant religious fanatics
6/26/12 8:10:58 pm
re: #134 Ming I meant to comment on "set theory" yesterday, but, hey, I have to do work sometime. My guess is the anti-set theory plank dates back to the 1960s, when there was considerable resistance to "New Math," one ...
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Gallup Poll: 58% of Republicans Are Young Earth Creationists

Not getting better
6/05/12 2:39:37 am
On a positive note, whereas the percentage of people who believe in creationism has increased only 2% since 1982, the percentage of those who believe in evolution has increased 6% since then. It's only the (arguably wishy-washy) God-aided evolution position ...
US News
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Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): Not Teaching Creationism Is ‘Censorship’

Bachmann joins the anti-science chorus
12/01/11 12:11:21 pm
Maybe I'm a little thick, but I thought the purpose of teaching science to children was to familiarize them with the scientific method, and the development of scientific thought, so they could perform experiments, understand how geology, medicine, chemistry, physics, ...
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