Thursday Night Theme Music: Snarky Puppy, “Young Stuff”

Stand back for the organ solo y’all, and then the bass solo yow
3/02/18 7:11:50 pm
re: #729 PhillyPretzel Lucky! I lost one of my downspouts and some siding as well as 2 trees and some fencing. (DC 'burbs about 10 miles from Dull-Duller-Dulles AIrport.)

Sunday Night Funk: George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

2/05/18 1:22:59 pm
re: #457 lawhawk Oh, I know. I'm in PA, though, state of the iconic 'Goofy Kicking Donald Duck' congressional district PA-7 (Meehan, now on his way out) and the GOP has been stalling and blocking every effort to confront gerrymandering ...