And Now, a Very Fun(ky) Short Song From Louis Cole: “Blimp”

5/19/17 9:39:50 pm
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While we wait for Donald Trump’s plane to land so he can disembark (gingerly) and cut loose with whatever bad craziness he’s been storing up during the flight, here’s a very funky short song from Louis Cole.

Via SoundCloud: Darwin Deez - Songs for Imaginative People (Full Album)

Smart minimalist pop
677Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
2/21/13 2:14:43 pm
re: #676 Killgore Trout What right to jury of your peers do you think is written into the Constitution, Killgore? ... There's also the Supreme Court case that specifically decided excluding people on the grounds of race wasn't Constitutional. ...