Sunday Jam: Bill Laurance, “Money in the Desert”

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re: #148 Sophist, Premature Anti-Trumpist "Elizabeth, this is the big one." (Redd Fox dialog while clutching his heart was a running gag in Sanford & Son)
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Here’s another excellent unclassifiable piece by Snarky Puppy keyboardist Bill Laurance, from his solo album Flint. It’s like a soundtrack for a great movie nobody’s ever made. Buy it on: Amazon iTunes

Via SoundCloud: Darwin Deez - Songs for Imaginative People (Full Album)

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re: #676 Killgore Trout What right to jury of your peers do you think is written into the Constitution, Killgore? ... There's also the Supreme Court case that specifically decided excluding people on the grounds of race wasn't Constitutional. ...
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