Fox News Suspends Andrew Napolitano Over Wiretap Conspiracy Theories Touted by Trump

But he’ll probably be back soon because the Fox audience loves his conspiracy theories
3/24/17 9:35:31 pm
Charles Johnson, Sounds like even "Fox News" has standards, even if they are incredibly low!

His frequent appearances on the batshit crazy Alex Jones show were no problem, his 9/11 Truther conspiracy theories were no problem, his neo-Confederate Civil War revisionism was no problem, but Fox News suspended froggish “legal analyst” Andrew Napolitano this week after Donald Trump cited him as a source for …

Greenwald Hypes ‘Spectacular Multicolored Fireworks’ for a Finale, Will Reveal Names of NSA ‘Victims’

Also compares GCHQ to a “super-vicious yapping Shih Tzu”
5/27/14 7:06:07 pm
re: #85 HappyWarrior The 442nd got that apology, and those reparations. Should have been the same around 1880 for the US Colored Troops, but those reparations got lost in the mail.

New Bombshell From the Intercept: GCHQ Asked NSA for Something, We Don’t Know if They Got It

More known unknowns from Greenwald HQ
4/30/14 4:36:48 pm
You must be in complete denial of the government's role in making sure that we aren't taken by surprise again, and to be able to follow the actions of people who do not mean us well. You must think, well, ...

If You Read Down to Paragraph 18, You Discover That Glenn Greenwald’s Latest Article Has No Evidence

Extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence, or any evidence at all, really
2/26/14 9:53:57 am
re: #27 RadicalModerate So the Dudebros are now joining the Birthers in the credibility department. It's just hate Obama day for them.

Yet Another Highly Misleading GCHQ/NSA Article From the Intercept

More technical disinformation
471Jay in Oregon
2/19/14 11:27:29 am
re: #327 Charles Johnson Greenwald: Dude bragged about using his spouse as a mule for stolen classified materials and is surprised that someone decided to detain Miranda as a result. I assume that Greenwald will prove how totally not a ...

Former Reviewer of UK Terror Laws: Publishing Snowden’s Leaks Did Huge Damage to UK Security

Police who detained Greenwald’s partner David Miranda were “rather kind to him”
10/25/13 5:42:24 pm
re: #108 Kragar Rejoice that you recognized the the Bible thumping Illuminati whackjob without too much time wasted. Every cloud has its silver lining.

Video: Glenn Greenwald Is Grilled on BBC Newsnight, Spews Insults Like a Firehose

The self-aggrandizing saga of Glenn Greenwald is challenged for once
621John Vreeland
10/04/13 3:58:21 pm
re: #181 erik_t Not likely. Greenwald himself might do something like this but the actual password was generated by someone who knows how to harden systems in unfriendly terrain. He almost certainly generated the full 4096 bits at random and ...

Breaking Greenwald Bombshell: Spy Agencies Crack Encryption Methods!

Only since the dawn of human history
9/06/13 10:18:53 am
You mean our spy agencies engage in spying, and work hard to have the capacity to spy on anyone if they need to, whether they actually use that capacity or not? Greenwald has a talent for making the obvious into ...