Chuck Johnson’s New Obsession: Michelle Fields

In new vendetta, he attacks Fields, her mother, her boyfriend, her friends
232Decatur Deb
3/31/16 7:46:56 pm
re: #229 Jenner7

After more than a year of tracking the behavior of Rage Furby Chuck C. Johnson, he still manages to astound me by reaching even further down into the depths of sliminess. In his attempts to discredit reporter Michelle Fields, Johnson has called upon his not-so-hidden talent of attacking not just …

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Donald Trump Retweets Troll Account With Quote From Fascist Dictator Mussolini

Fear, anger, and hate have coalesced in actively promoting fascists, white supremacists, and hate mongers.
2/28/16 6:18:58 pm
re: #106 Anymouse Glad to hear it! Phone banking for the campaigns is a thankless task -- always appreciate the folks who do it well.
PPP polling Feb 20-22, 2015

Republicans Overwhelmingly Support Ignoring the Constitution

57% polled in PPP polling say Christianity should be established as national religion.
2/24/15 6:22:15 pm
re: #78 SoCaroLion Where the fuck did anyone say that? (Bill Maher doesn't count, since he didn't write this post.) You really think that's the opinion of many people here? There are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc, on this blog ...
Double Arch

The House GOP Looks To Gut Antiquities Act

Undermining purpose and protections of national parks
105Birth Control Works
3/27/14 4:34:37 pm
Got to go into the City today for a Book Talk. Jenny Bowen talked about her book Wish You Happy Forever: What China's orphans taught me about moving mountains. She also talked about the NGO she started called Half The ...

On the RNC Platform Finding NSA Programs Unconstitutional

Hypocrisy and political pandering in action.
459unproven innocence
1/24/14 10:43:52 pm
re: #376 Kid A I'm guessing checkerboard tat guy is protesting widespread use of automated facial recognition surveillance tech. It resembles pixelation. Unfortunately, it's also somewhat unique (for now).

GOP Outreach to Women: “Don’t go sleeveless again [Sandra Fluke]”

More great moments in Republican rebranding
12/26/13 12:32:03 pm
re: #112 BusyMonster I'm glad that I'm not alone. I don't get the point of sleevelessness at all; all I could come up with was "the right to bare arms", but I don't think I'm on the right track. Republicans. ...

Put the Quran Down [Mr. President]: Larry Klayman at Million Veterans March

And to “come out with his hands up.”
258Reality Based Steve
10/14/13 12:14:25 pm
re: #246 Amory Blaine Ask and you shall receive.... Confederate Rainbow (with Hello Kitties) Not bad for 10 minutes of Photo-Shopping. Enjoy, RBS

End the Magical Balance Fairy Shutdown Myth

Both sides are not equally to blame. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) admits that GOP created shutdown over Obamacare
10/09/13 11:38:44 am
re: #70 klys I happen to think females with brains are sexy. One of the things that always made me cringe was when I heard guys panting over Sarah Palin after she was dumped on America saying she was so ...