Gabrielle Giffords Launches Effort to Fight Gun Violence and the Pro-Gun Lobby

Confronting the powerful gun lobby
1/08/13 5:50:22 pm
re: #247 wrenchwench As for getting my own LGF page, I'm a fan of this site, a near-daily reader, all that. Thanks for the props, but I think I'm going to stay a Twitter guy for a good while, given ...

Wikipedia ‘Blood Libel’ Page Edited Yesterday

498Elle Plater
1/13/11 6:48:37 am
This really annoys me how a term that has a globally historic meaning about appalling persecution of Jews over centuries can be bastardised and totally changed. And over some current and US only political episode. Another word that has been ...

Glenn Beck Says 9/11 Truthers Are Dangerous, But Guest Host of Beck’s Show is a Truther

283Decatur Deb
1/10/11 6:45:41 pm
re: #282 marjoriemoon I was taught a different pattern, from the Catholic side. "Conversos" were those forced to convert, and the term was just descriptive during the Reconquista/Inquisition era. (I was surprised to know there any people still identified that ...