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NPR Interviews Keith Jarrett: ‘I Want the Imperfections to Remain’

The hardest part was convincing the bass player
426Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/28/13 1:17:51 pm
re: #423 Political Atheist If he was 'beating' it, sure. If he had grabbed his hair and rapped his skull, no. Let's go back to my question. If you started a fight with someone, and then they knocked you down, ...

Keith Jarrett Trio: Last Night When We Were Young / Caribbean Sky

8/29/11 10:19:26 am
re: #492 RogueOne Uh, no. Voucher is just a certificate for a sum of money the state has to pay an institution of the person's choice. Tax money still goes to a religious institution. Clear violation of separation. I don't ...

Monday Night Music: Keith Jarrett Trio: ‘With a Song in My Heart’

395Abu Al-Poopypants
8/31/09 11:46:10 pm
re: #4 HoosierHoops Could be my favorite band: Ralph Towner - guitar, keyboards Paul McCandless - woodwinds Glen Moore - bass Collin Walcott - percussion, sitar (died in 84) Trilok Gurtu - percussion (87-93) Mark Walker - drums (97-present) Conventional ...