Dutch PM Mark Rutte

Dutch PM Mark Rutte Set to Beat Geert Wilders in Election

A piece of possible good news from Europe
342The Major
3/15/17 9:06:42 pm
re: #33 Moebym Since I'm a 1st Generation Dutch-American I've been there a few times-I went over for my cousin's wedding in 1988. Sadly, my mother is the only living member of her linegae, and none of her sons have ...

Far right anti-Muslim Dutch demagogue Geert Wilders has been riding a populist wave and getting campaign funding from right wing US organizations, in an effort to become the largest political party in the Dutch parliament. But in a piece of good news, the latest exit polls from the Netherlands …

Dutch Hatemonger Geert Wilders Acquitted of Inciting Hatred

Wilders benefits from the freedom he wants to take away from Muslims
41Decatur Deb
6/25/11 6:32:55 am
re: #40 Rocktheboat Welcome, newbie, if you're a newbie. You are posting at the bottom of a long-abandoned thread, where people will notice your effort only by accident. Bring your message to a similar current thread or page, they recur ...

Live Video: Geert Wilders - Update: ‘In the Name of Freedom, No Mosque Here!’

9/12/10 4:02:22 pm
re: #374 Floridagirl If all you're going to do here on LGF is necro this dead thread then we don't especially need your services. If you want to join in and discuss various issues on a forward going basis beyond ...

ADL Director Foxman: Anti-Mosque Rally on 9/11 is ‘Un-American’

9/03/10 11:13:13 pm
re: #67 darthstar It's about 25 miles away from my place, at Exit 29 on I-75. The church is north of the northeast corner of the intersection, Hustler Hollywood at the southwest, about a mile between the two. The church ...

‘Conservatives’ Who Want to Ban Books

2/13/09 10:01:14 am
Excellent article at National Review Online today by Andrew McCarthy basically lamenting Britain's refusal of entry to Geert Wilders. It includes a great quote from none other than Winston Churchill who called Mein Kampf (remember, this is the book that ...