Chuck C. Johnson CENSORED on Facebook! Oh the Humanity!

Why’s everybody always pickin’ on Chuck?
3/25/16 11:25:31 am
He simply refuses to learn . . .

Our cyberstalker pal Chuck C. “Rage Furby” Johnson (seen above in an amazingly gross photo) now finds himself suspended from Facebook, and he’s whining furiously about it: CENSORED on $FB! Banned From Facebook For 30 Days For Posting Donald Trump’s #Brussels Foreign Policy. Aw, the poor guy. Censored again. …

Rand Paul: Electing Bernie Sanders Could Lead to “Mass Genocide”

Painting Sanders as a monster
10/16/15 3:34:38 pm
re: #145 HappyWarrior Burlington VT has more residents, and a more complicated budget, than Wasilla AK. And Bernie was able to the job he was elected to, he didn't have to bring in a professional City Manager to do it ...

Vox Publishes Full Text of the Deleted Times of Israel Post About Genocide

Updated by Max Fisher on August 1, 2014 - Vox
8/01/14 3:13:12 pm
"Ever" is a big word. In the case at hand, though, the author is even wronger than he is in general. Hamas is NOT incorrigible. Stubborn, yes. But there is no good reason to think that Hamas' intransigence is some ...

Breitbart “News” Pushes Debunked ISIS FGM Story, Commenters Call for Genocide of Muslims

Torrents of hate speech follow fake story
7/24/14 8:34:02 pm
re: #167 Killgore Trout Addendum: If you'd actually read the stuff that people take the time to post, you'd know that the UN official, Jacqueline Badcock, fell for a story rumor hoax that originated on Twitter, FFS. From the ThinkProgress ...

Breitbart “News:” Pat Dollard Should Not Call Himself a Contributor

So why is he listed as a columnist at Breitbart “News?”
275Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
4/04/14 11:55:13 am
re: #121 Feline Fearless Leader Agreed, and I'm glad I got to meet the man at a convention in my teenage years.

Breitbart “News” Contributor Pat Dollard Says: Time to Kill All Muslims

Right wing journalist says “time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets”
398D Koch
4/02/14 9:21:33 pm
but, but.... moooslims! but, but..... the Jimmy Carter and 70s tee vee! but, but.... Lewinski and bubba had consensual oral 18 years ago!

Russian State TV: Russia Could Turn US to ‘Radioactive Ash’

Putin’s mouthpiece threatens nuclear war
145D Koch
3/17/14 5:56:31 pm
Matt Yglesias' glib reaction to factory collapse is Dudebro self-parody Yglesias shockingly immoral indifference to the death of 238 poor sweat shop workers in Bangladesh Remember that. Dudebros don't give a damn about anyone other than themselves.

PJ Media Comments for Robert Spencer: ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists and Must Die!’

Where Robert Spencer goes, the bigotry and hatred follow
6/19/12 8:22:51 am
re: #262 Charles Johnson She may have revealed one of her "secrets" to writing inspired blog posts. First, get into a cab with a driver who "looks Muslim" to her. (If necessary, drink until any driver would "look Muslim".) Once ...

Former Nazi Guard Charged 29,000 Times

3/12/09 7:39:41 pm
This is how decent, responsible Christians reply to such horrors in which their co-religioniosts had an undeniable hand: admission, remorse, regret, apology, repentence, atonement, and a resolve that the sin and error will never be repeated. I note that ...