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Donald Trump: George W. Bush Failed to Stop the 9/11 Attacks

The Trumpenstein goes after a GOP icon
149Johnny Angel Wendell
10/17/15 9:57:18 pm
re: #44 William Lewis Played one of those on this track--great, classic clean sound: johnnyangelwendell.bandcamp.com
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Loose cannon Donald Trump still might succeed in getting on the bad side of conservative voters if he keeps saying things like this: Donald Trump Suggests George Bush Failed to Stop 9/11 Attacks. This is Trump’s style; his real target is the former president’s brother Jeb Bush, but once …

GOP Clown Car Watch: The Jeb Bush Backflip: ‘I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq’

Knowing what he knows now, would Jeb know what he knows now?
5/15/15 12:09:41 pm
re: #401 BeenHereAwhile I forget the name of the station I listened to in Miami, but remember very well WGIV in Charlotte where I spent some of my teens. Genial Gene, Chattie Hattie and Rockin' Ray were all Black personalities ...
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Jim Hoft’s Incredibly Moronic Post of the Day: The “Most Degrading Salute Ever!”

“The coffee cup President!”
642Khal Wimpo (no longer entitled to his own facts)
9/24/14 11:25:29 am
re: #534 RealityBasedSteve Um. While I agree that Malkin is a disingenuous troll who panders to the worst instincts of her knuckle-dragging base (even arch-conservatives I am friendly with roll their eyes about her and Coulter), trotting out the whole ...
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Iraq’s Maliki Government Requested US Air Strikes - Denied

The consequences of George W. Bush’s adventure
6/12/14 9:20:46 pm
re: #272 iossarian "The right-wing "intelligentsia" is chock-full of these people. They can be wrong on everything over and over again and yet never lose their Very Serious status or Brookings Institution stipends." Brookings has a reputation of being more ...

Dan Rather on Reddit: “No One Ever Established the Documents Were Forged”

Clinging to denial
521Local Media Monitor
2/09/13 10:10:46 am
re: #509 stabby I showed you Steubenville. That shows rape culture. You didn't respond. Now this comment of yours above. Look at it this way: when slavery was legal, "people on average act(ed) the way people do on average" and ...
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Wingnut Nontroversy of the Day: ‘Obama’s 9-11 Proclamation Does Not Mention God’

Neither did Pres. George W. Bush (R) for the years 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
9/11/12 10:11:38 am
If my personal religious beliefs do not include constant, slavish validation from everyone on the planet, the only possible explanation is that my beliefs are under attack!
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