Video: George Will Stands by His Column on Sexual Assault

Will: Women report rapes just to win “coveted” victimhood status
6/21/14 6:43:40 pm
re: #271 b_sharp I'll make you feel young. I remember the Berlin wall going UP. I remember hating it. I remember visiting Berlin and hating it more. Here you had a wall whose purpose was to make a whole part ...

I’m going out on a limb to predict that George Will’s attempt to man-splain his recent column on sexual abuse and rape, in which he claimed women report rapes so they can be afforded the “coveted status” of “privileged” victimhood, isn’t going to win anyone over to his weird, …

How Conservative Columnist George Will Lies With Statistics

416Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
1/27/13 2:40:42 pm
re: #413 dragonath They might have some sort of point there. I suppose it's a lot easier to pay taxes if you can loot the commons for person gain. You're really just kicking some of your own ill-gotten gains back ...

Stephen Colbert on George Will’s Political Post-Racial Journalism

Deflating the fatuousness
10/05/12 7:04:03 am
Pls file this in the "if you don't know what's broke, you can't fix it," category. Been appreciating & reading LGF with an iPhone for 4 years, & found that as coding changes were made; it made iPhone interaction with ...

George Will Reduced to Arguing That Obama’s Ahead Because He’s Black

This is why he gets the big bucks
10/02/12 6:19:25 pm
The only game plan the Republican Party has is the one they wont tell youabout ....because they dont have one . The platform at it's base is " get that blackman outta the white house" . There is such desperation ...

George Will Misrepresents Climate Change Study

890Aye Pod
2/22/09 4:46:49 pm
re: #889 hopperandadropper CO2 is not the only factor involved in temperature variation. No one is saying that there is a simple direct correlation that you can plot between CO2 and observed temperatures. The argument is that we cannot account ...