Georgia Judge Says Birther Orly Taitz Can Question President, Orders Obama to Appear in Court

1/21/12 2:46:56 pm
Jablonski, lulled into a false sense of security by the unparalleled string of legal defeats suffered by the birther movement, filed a badly-written and legally inept motion to quash. The judge, who is neither a birther nor a tool, quite ...

Right Wing Terror Suspect Arrested In Georgia Ranted About Health Reform On Erickson’s

The sea in which the extremists swim
11/04/11 12:27:52 pm
Can't condemn a site for a cook posting. That's intellectually dishonest. Who knows what type of people post at any site. Bet you have a few nutbags here too. Heck I could be one.

Four Right Wing Georgia Militia Members Charged In Ricin Terror Plot

What right wing violence?
11/02/11 1:28:10 pm
re: #127 Varek Raith Is John Milius writing this version too? The Red Dawn remake sounds just like Homefront (the video game released last year that pretty much flopped...and the story for it was also written by Milius), which was ...