Anti-Government “Sovereign Citizen” Attacks Georgia Courthouse With Assault Rifle and Explosives

Right wing terrorism
6/06/14 5:44:44 pm
re: #57 calochortus They want to literally rape, I guess. Only sleep with women who want to sleep with you, college kids. "Stalin! Gay! Rape is good!"
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Today in Georgia’s Forsyth County, yet another far right “sovereign citizen” attempted to take over a courthouse with multiple explosive devices, weapons and a large amount of ammunition, wounding a deputy before he was killed in a shoot-out. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported minute by minute: Report: Forsyth Deputy Shot, …

Georgia Judge Says Birther Orly Taitz Can Question President, Orders Obama to Appear in Court

1/21/12 2:46:56 pm
Jablonski, lulled into a false sense of security by the unparalleled string of legal defeats suffered by the birther movement, filed a badly-written and legally inept motion to quash. The judge, who is neither a birther nor a tool, quite ...
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