WATCH LIVE: Trump and German Chancellor Merkel Hold a Joint Press Conference

155Pawn of the Oppressor
3/17/17 4:41:56 pm
re: #105 JordanRules Ohhhh, my mother is German and I know that look... It's usually followed by a "Vaaaaah?" and a finger tap to the forehead and a particular disapproval noise that signifies "You're out of your mind" in English... ...

A Great YouTube Find: Keith Jarrett’s European Quartet Live at NDR Jazz Workshop

Some of the greatest piano quartet music ever made
2/22/14 7:05:12 pm
re: #7 Justanotherhuman And if he's going to have some Maoist cadres on one wall, then the Buddha should probably be self-immolating.

Breaking: Iran Reaches Nuclear Deal With Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia, the EU and the US

We shall see
11/24/13 5:34:10 pm
re: #459 plf1953 1. I heard people complaining about double taxation in the late 1980s. Most of the treaties you mention were passed after that period. My information was outdated. The exclusion at that time was about $70K. All by ...

Video: Telephone Helicopter Applause Gunshot

Electronic in Dusseldorf
23Birth Control Works
10/22/11 8:24:13 pm
Just finished watching Lost in Detention from the thread below. I'm disgusted with Congress. Unthinkable human rights violations ON US SOIL. Bush II had the only workable plan and even Obama can't accomplish it because of CONGRESS. I am so ...

Former Nazi Guard Charged 29,000 Times

3/12/09 7:39:41 pm
This is how decent, responsible Christians reply to such horrors in which their co-religioniosts had an undeniable hand: admission, remorse, regret, apology, repentence, atonement, and a resolve that the sin and error will never be repeated. I note that ...