A Great YouTube Find: Keith Jarrett’s European Quartet Live at NDR Jazz Workshop

Some of the greatest piano quartet music ever made
2/22/14 7:05:12 pm
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Wow, what a find on YouTube — a complete, high quality live performance of Keith Jarrett’s “European quartet” with Jan Garbarek (sax), Palle Danielsson (double bass), and Jon Christensen (drums), recorded in Hannover, Germany in 1974. I’ve seen pieces of this, but never the whole thing. This is Keith …

Breaking: Iran Reaches Nuclear Deal With Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia, the EU and the US

We shall see
11/24/13 5:34:10 pm
re: #459 plf1953 1. I heard people complaining about double taxation in the late 1980s. Most of the treaties you mention were passed after that period. My information was outdated. The exclusion at that time was about $70K. All by ...
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