Glenn Beck Comes Up With an Even Worse Insult for Trump Supporters

The gloves are off
2/27/16 2:20:33 pm
Fox was smart to dump Beck. He is a nutbag. Unfortunately I hear about him sometimes on sites like these. LGF needs to completely ignore him. Beck is nothing, has no influence and giving any attention is exactly what he ...
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Raving freakazoid nut sandwich Glenn Beck has been comparing Donald Trump’s supporters to “brownshirts” lately, but he’s worked himself up into such a fever pitch over Trump’s candidacy that even this Hitlerian comparison isn’t horrible enough. Yes, he’s taking it a step beyond “brownshirts” now, and comparing Trump voters …

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Glenn Beck Is Embarrassed He Supported Her: “Sarah Palin Has Become a Clown”

Clown vs. clown
328Pacific moderate
9/11/15 12:54:44 pm
C'mon Glenn, you're teasing us. Which clown is she? Bozo? Emmitt Kelly? Krusty? A rodeo clown whose job is to distract the bull away from the fallen roughrider? Or some socialist foreigner type like Grock?
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A Meeting of the Minds: Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck Agree America Is Facing Imminent Destruction

Cruz: “When the sheep are walking among coyotes it pays to be cynical”
273Saint Stephen
7/07/15 1:48:31 pm
re: #272 ComradeDread George Carlin used to do a comedy bit that started out similar to your comment. But then he would add "but He loves you."
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President Glenn Beck to the World: “Screw With Us and We Will Pound You Into Glass”

He is very tough
375klys (maker of Silmarils)
6/16/14 10:51:02 pm
re: #365 Stanley Sea Oh, for sure houses got removed, and I feel horrible for the folks suffering as a result. There is sadly a very big difference in the wind required to remove a poorly built house and a ...
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