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And Now for Some Insane Raving About the SC KKK Rally, Brought to You by Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”

Seriously nuts
535Romantic Heretic
2 weeks ago
re: #476 makeitstop One of those people who thinks freedom means, "I can do what I want and I can shoot people who get in my way." Asshole.
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Glenn Beck’s pseudo-news site The Blaze posted an article about the Ku Klux Klan rally in South Carolina, and it’s boring. But the comments! A cornucopia of right wing insanity, coming atcha from all angles! The Klan are Democrats! Nazis are liberal socialists! Blacks are the real racists! It’s …

A Meeting of the Minds: Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck Agree America Is Facing Imminent Destruction

Cruz: “When the sheep are walking among coyotes it pays to be cynical”
273Saint Stephen
3 weeks, 5 days ago
re: #272 ComradeDread George Carlin used to do a comedy bit that started out similar to your comment. But then he would add "but He loves you."
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President Glenn Beck to the World: “Screw With Us and We Will Pound You Into Glass”

He is very tough
375klys (maker of Silmarils)
6/16/14 10:51:02 pm
re: #365 Stanley Sea Oh, for sure houses got removed, and I feel horrible for the folks suffering as a result. There is sadly a very big difference in the wind required to remove a poorly built house and a ...
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Glenn Beck: The White House Correspondents Dinner Is Like Being “Raped”

“They don’t get the tattoos, they give the tattoos”
471Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/06/14 5:36:42 pm
re: #470 Political Atheist That's a statement of ideological commitment, but it's not even an argument based on that, just a statement. I know that is your position. What I'm asking you is how you would go about trying to ...
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Glenn Beck Sued for Defamation for Labeling Saudi Student as Boston Bombing “Money Man”

4/01/14 6:28:43 pm
re: #88 Dark_Falcon Dark, sorry for getting to this so late. The magic phrase is 'defamation per se'. Several states - and more important to this case Massachusetts - have this standard. You can think of them as fighting words ...
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Glenn Beck Attacks Bill Nye for Opposing the Teaching of Creationism to Kids

If you don’t support keeping children ignorant, you’re just like the people who imprisoned Galileo
47Skip Intro
1/22/14 6:08:10 pm
re: #29 Eclectic Cyborg The difference between a conservative and a conservative extremist is that the former is a RINO (or CINO, I guess).
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Glenn Beck: Obama or Christie Might Launch “False Flag” Attacks Against the US

150Timothy Watson
1/16/14 11:54:19 pm
re: #3 thedopefishlives I don't doubt it, but every peddler of 9/11 conspiracy theories starts his ramblings with mentions of Operation Northwoods (I used to pay attention to some of that crap for laughs and to mock).
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Glenn Beck challenges Pat Robertson for 9/11 derp of the day

Beck takes the opportunity to accuse President Obama of treason
re: #258 Dark_Falcon It looks like the South Florida style of "national politics as we see it" (e.g. South Florida has its own foreign policy) is being adopted by Senators and Representatives from other US States.
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