Sunday Times Report: Russia and China Have Cracked Snowden’s Cache of Secret Docs

This is bad
6/16/15 7:21:10 am
re: #497 cinesimon Excuse me? You wrote "everyone". I refuted it with a single link. If you meant something else, become a better writer. If you are going to be an asshole about it, bye.
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The Daily Beast has advance word on a report coming out in The Sunday Times that Russia and China have cracked the top-secret cache of files stolen from the NSA by Edward Snowden, and that intelligence agencies are now engaged in “rescue operations” in hostile countries. I’ve been saying ever …

Ken Silverstein’s Tell-All Piece on First Look Media: Where Journalism Goes to Die

The ultimate nightmare job?
2/27/15 8:21:23 pm
re: #167 The War TARDIS Belated reply, on a dead thread, as usual, but this one hit home. I remember very well when we lost Pat Troughton, and no, it wasn't cool. I wasn't at at that con but had ...
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Howard Jacobson: I Live in Terror of the Fanatic Who’s Only Read One Book

Calling out Glenn Greenwald’s irresponsible rhetoric
335Khal Wimpo
1/19/15 11:41:42 am
re: #284 Dr. Matt Inside the surreal world of CCJ, attacking @HollyRFisher passes for "integrity." Because she's right wing, beloved by right wingers, and thus slut-shaming shows that he is evenhanded and nonpartisan. Meanwhile, back in the real world, his ...
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Glenn Greenwald and Pals Throw Matt Taibbi From the Train

An amazing picture of total disarray
442Higgs Boson's Mate
10/30/14 9:59:22 pm
re: #431 freetoken It never did. Things like hunting large and dangerous game, clearing fields for planting, barn raising, corn shucking, and many others were done collectively. The teahaddis believe that just because they can each raise a huge mound ...
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Glenn Greenwald Retweets “If Obama Were Consistent He’d Bomb Israel,” Then Deletes It

Hiding evidence of raging bias
8/09/14 1:29:51 pm
re: #373 William Barnett-Lewis We did NOT try in Rwanda. We did NOT try in Uganda. And my point was and is that whatever the reasons for punting may have been, they don't begin to work as excuses for the ...
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Civil Liberties Hero Edward Snowden Commits Massive Civil Liberties Violation

Hands over 160,000 private emails to journalists and Glenn Greenwald
7/07/14 9:45:38 am
re: #136 Charles Johnson Years ago I decided to read Balloonjuice regularly after I noticed that one of their tags was,"Show us on the doll where the invisible hand touched you." I fled Balloonjuice and ended up here about a ...
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